Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Khoya Khoya Chand

Opinions matter. As long as they do not clash with those of mine.

I hadn't heard a good word about Khoya Khoya Chand except for from Mittal who had seen the movie just a day before myself. But when I saw the movie I didn't find anything wrong with the movie. I liked the movie a lot actually.

Though I had seen the movie in three rounds, yet I can say I wouldn't have had a problem seeing it in one sitting. In fact the times I closed my media player, it wasn't that easy because I wanted to continue.

I'm not sure why people didn't like the movie but probably it was because of the mixed up relations that might have confused people.

What I liked in the movie was the superb direction of the times gone and the depths of the industry and the personal grudges of professional people.

But above all, the best thing of the movie was the clash of the egos that is capable of creating troubles among lovers and bringing enemies together.

Shiney Ahuja is good as always but Soha is much better compared to her previous performances. Vinay Pathak is the most convincing in his role even though Saurabh Shukla hasn't lived up to his own brand. Rajat Kapoor lives his role yet another time. Soniya Jehan too is not bad.

Sushmita Mukerjee hardly gets a role but plays it as good as possible. The unknown N Ganguly has been pretty good with his small role.

The background of the movie is almost perfect as far as I could see it. Dialogues are impressive in places.

But the movie is a flop. Probably because it was not an entertainer and probably because it was not for all those who saw it.

Or probably I've been very wrong somewhere.

Still, I think if you do not have problems in watching 'offbeat' movies, you should watch it.

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