Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: Music Review

A R Rehman's speciality lies in that he knows what he is making. While with other music composers generally songs 'work well' or 'fit' in situations, A R Rehman's music generally can tell you what the situation is.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is one such example where the movie's mood can be guessed from the light music of the album.

The opening song of the album is 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi'. Don't go on the title of the song, as the song is a pretty soothing number and Rehman's touch is clear from this very first song. The song is a feat in the new voice of Rashid Ali, as the lyrics of the song are fine too.

Rehman and 'Saala' make a good combination. At least that seems to be the thinking of uncle producer Aamir Khan when you listen to second song 'Pappu Can't Dance'. And though I haven't got the importance of Saala in the song like it was in Roobaroo, I can't deny the goodness of song. Expect it to be an instant hit. And the dirigidi-da-da-da-da-daa sounds in the background make sure you don't forget it's Rehman. Interestingly, the song has a few lines dedicated to uncle Aamir's debut Papa Kehte hain too.

The third number of the album, 'Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai' seems to be a good song that may last long, though there is a little monotonicity in the song. The song is sung well by Runa Rizvi and Rehman's music is good. The song doesn't have much length but has a male version later. Lyrics of the song are also worth listening to.

The fourth one, a very light 'Nazrein Milana' is another good number. The song has a number of partying voices from six singers that include Naresh Iyer too, giving a good listening experience. Though there is not much to look forward to in lyrics of the song, music is quite good as Rehman experiments with rock sounds in a light party song.

Only one sentence would be enough for the next song. The song, 'tu bole main bolun' is sung by A R Rehman.

Well, the song is not like Khwaja Mere Khwaja or Luka Chhupi, but there are a lot many new things in the song to listen to. I can't exactly place which school the song comes from but it has a slight clubbish feeling attached to it, which comes easy with the saxophone's sound. And though the song is not a heavyweight (like examples I gave) but it's not a very light number either. It short, listen to it to know it completely.

The sixth song of the album 'Kahin to hogi wo' is a lovely, romantic song sung well by Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das. Especially Rashid is wonderful. The song seems to have the ingredients necessary to make a song last long and I expect it will be heard for months. In the end, the song has the chorus effect which was generally used in older songs and has been tried by composers at various times.

The seventh song on the album is a second version of 'Jaane tu Mera Kya hai', in a male voice this time, sung by Sukhwinder Singh. The mighty voice of Sukhwinder suits the almost-only-sad-song of the album well and the song goes a bit better than the female version, even though both the versions seem to have almost completely different tastes after listening to the two versions alternately.

The eigth and final song of the movie is a remix like in most other albums. And unfortunately, like most other remixes of today, the song doesn't have much stuff in it and has been experimented with a little too much it seems.

Anyways, with almost all the songs of the album in at least above average category, one remix doesn't make a difference. The album is overall a great compilation and A R Rehman deserves the credit for that. Listen to it. Hope you'll enjoy a lot.

De Taali: Music Review

De Taali is the next movie for Vishal Shekhar with above average music from the duo. The album has 8 songs out of which 6 are original and two are remixes.

'Everybody put your hands together', the starter of the new Vishal Shekhar album is a groove style song whose music style can be guessed to some extent by its lyrics and Anushka's voice brings some flavor of Golmaal. A beaty dance number which doesn't have much new to it.

The second song, De taali is again in a similar kind of mood. This song too has voices of Shaan and Sunidhi like the first but not of Anushka. Though Shaan seems a bit different in both the songs.

The third one, Aaj main boond hoon, is a pretty song, well sung by Shreya Ghoshal in her typical beautiful voice. It's a slow number with a little light music in the background. Interestingly, Shekhar jumps in to sing a few lines, which brings in more of curiosity than beauty, though Shekhar has sung his lines good.

Fourth song, Hone Lagi is probably a new type for Anushka Manchanda who has mostly sung fast track songs in the movies yet. Hone Lagi is another light romantic song sung beautifully. Shekhar has supported this song too with a few lines in the mid of the song.

Fifth songs brings in Saregamapa runner up Raja Hasan with a song suiting his voice. The song, Maari Teetri has a folk touch to it with added beats and Raja can have a popular song to his credit as the song has good potential of running on dance floors.

The sixth song, Tooti Phooti, sung by Shaan, KK and Sunidhi, is not going to be an instant hit but we can expect to be liked a lot after a few listening as the song has a good-slow-song feel to it.

Seventh song is a remix of Anusha's Hone Lagi which seems to be just remixed for the sake of it and hardly has any stuff in it. The song has fast beats in the background and the song can only be liked in loud volume.

Last song of the album, De taali remix is better mixed but doesn't have anything special.

Still, the album has a few good songs like aaj main boond hoon and even other songs are above average making the album overall an above average album and worth listening. Though, with Yash Raj's Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and Rehman composed Jaane tu ya jaane na out at the same time, the album may have to struggle for space.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic: Music Review

kabhi socha hai kya..
kabhi socha hai kya, barish kyun bhaaye
kyun geet bewajah, hoton pe aaye
kyun achchi lage, talwon mein lehren
kyun bhatke kadam, ek pal na thehren...

Shankar Mahadevan is getting to sing the best lyrics somehow. And it's all coming out of Prasoon Joshi's pen for quite some time. After Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par, Kunal kohli's Saif-Rani starrer Thoda Pyaar Thoda magic seems to be yet another treat from the composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the first song 'Pyaar ke liye' (starting lyrics above) seems to be a great start for the album.

The second song, Nihaal ho gayi has already started showing on the music channels and is getting the great response it deserved. And though the promo shows just two lines, rest of the song has a few good lines. The music has a feel of Jhoom barabar Jhoom title song.

The third song, bulbula, starts in an altogether new manner as there is a chorus sort of cursing in a friendly manner after which Sunidhi renders some lyrics in an I'm-the-best mood. At 3 minutes and 20 seconds, the song is pretty small and not bad.

At number four comes something interesting. First thing is the title, 'Lazy Lamhe' and the second is the voice of Anusha Mani, listening to which one can wonder where she was until now. The song is a slow number with a slight lounge feeling attached to it.

Track five, the last original song in the album, 'Beetey Kal Se' comes in two female voices, Shreya Goshal and Sneha Suresh. The song doesn't have much at the music front but the lyrics are quite positive and are likeable. In fact, the dialogs in the mid-song raise questions of social importance too.

Number six is a remix of 'Nihaal Ho Gayi' by DJ Aqeel. The remix is good as the song is already a good Punjabi-style dance number.

The final track is a well deserved remix of Lazy Lamhe. I mean, a remix that looks like a real remix, like those in Sanjay Gupta movies. The singer, composer and song prove good yet again in the hands of DJ Aqeel and thus the album ends with a good note and a mood to play it again.

Final Verdict: A must buy if you like typical Yash Raj's music which is generally the case with most.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dhoom Dhadakka music review

Roop Kumar Rathod has never disappointed with his music, and this time once again he passes the test, although with a different sort of music this time and not that good if compared to Zeher.

Though, one important thing with Roop's music is that he doesn't apply his own voice to a song if there's a better option available. He's content directing music, something that is scarce in today's music composers.

The album 'Dhoom Dhadakka' has a small 3 songs + 2 remixes soundtrack. But the songs are worth being there in the album and most of them give their flavor in the first listening itself, especially the title and ara ra ra ra.

The title song Dhoom Dhadakka which claims not to be a remix, is a complete hip-hop with as many beats in the background as in any good remix. The voices of Daler Mehndi and Jaspinder Narula give the song a complete Punjabi flavor. The song is quite good and interesting and also the best song of the album.

The remix version of the song which appears later is a small number, equally hip with a few extra rap voices in such a way that I love it as much as I loved the original version.

The second song, Hari Om sung by Sunidhi is a made-to-sell song and the voice of Sunidhi reminds of Crazy Kiya re. Still, the song being pretty good, I hope the song can make a mark if the video of the song is good.

The third song, Ara ra ra ra is a Holi song, and gets into its own flavor with the very first words of Udit Narayan, getting its speed with the female voice. The song doesn't have any new type of music and reminds of Khaike Paan Banaras Wala but the song is still no bad. Voices of Anupam Kher and Satish Shah give a good feeling too.

The Remix of Hari Om doesn't seem to be having anything special to it, and the album ends with not actually as much as could be expected from Roop Kumar Rathod, but doesn't fail to give you at least two good songs as the title and ara ra ra ra.

Try the music yourself and see how much you get into the flavor yourself. It's worth listening for sure if you appreciate fast, kinda old fast music.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hastey Hastey music review

Seems like Anu Malik is in full mood to compensate for his long absence. After Anamika and Woodstock Villa, it's Hastey Hastey that is again having the name of Anu Malik as its composer within a matter of weeks. Though the movie doesn't boast of many big names, at least it adds to the works of Mr. Malik.

The album has six songs, plus one sad version, and four more versions of two songs, making it a total eleven songs.

Songs are sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawalla, Shaan, Zubin Garg, and Mr. Producer, Shiv Ram Kumar too. Sunidhi has given voice to a hopping 7 tracks out of 11 and is the only female singer in the album, something that has become a rare sight nowadays.

Sameer's lyrics are Sameer's lyrics and nothing more than that. So don't expect any quality lyrics, it's just time pass material in that department.

The album starts with Sunidhi Chauhan's song 'Hum Hain Tum Ho', which reminds of the old music of Anu Malik and the song gives a 5-10 year old feel, something like those of Ishq-Vishk with a few added beats. But that doesn't mean you may not like it. Even though the song feels a bit old, it's just fine.

The second song, 'New Age Mantra', sung by Sunidhi again with Kunal, is quite different, and I feel that the song has some potential to move high in popularity charts and can be a hit.

Number three, the title song happy version is something to be happy about as the music is beautiful, but the producer-cum-singer Mr. Shiv Ram Kumar doesn't seem to realize that if the song were given voice of Shaan, Sonu Nigam or some good singer like that, it might have been a much better song. Sunidhi is as good as in any other song and overall, the song is not bad.

There is a sad version of the song too in which the producer singer is comparatively much better and though he's not much in tune, he tries to show a glimpse of Kishore Kumar in his voice, and somewhere in the process tries too hard for that, almost losing the song completely.

Next song 'Al Madad Chere Khuda Mera Yaar' is a typical Zubin Garg song and goes on the same lines as 'Ya Ali' or 'Jeena Kya Tere Bina'. (by the way, if u haven't heard, that's a good number too, from Kya Love Story Hai)

Next, 'Bheegi Bheegi Teri Zulfen' is another well sung by Kunal Ganjawalla, like always. The high pitch he-he-ho-ho start tells you that you can expect a typical Kunal song here too. Though this one does not reminds of some specific song at least.

The song 'rock the world' by Shaan is fine too. And even though there are hardly words other than 'it's our world' and 'we will rock you, we will shock you' found in the song, the song can pull itself off to high in music charts.

Anyways, it seems that Anu Malik has researched the market well in past some time and now knows what sells (read Pritam). Many of the songs remind of many popular songs of recent past.

To summarize, the album is yet another okay-type album with a few good songs which u can look forward to. Especially 'Al madad' and 'bheegi bheegi' are the best of the album which most of the people will like.