Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dhoom Dhadakka music review

Roop Kumar Rathod has never disappointed with his music, and this time once again he passes the test, although with a different sort of music this time and not that good if compared to Zeher.

Though, one important thing with Roop's music is that he doesn't apply his own voice to a song if there's a better option available. He's content directing music, something that is scarce in today's music composers.

The album 'Dhoom Dhadakka' has a small 3 songs + 2 remixes soundtrack. But the songs are worth being there in the album and most of them give their flavor in the first listening itself, especially the title and ara ra ra ra.

The title song Dhoom Dhadakka which claims not to be a remix, is a complete hip-hop with as many beats in the background as in any good remix. The voices of Daler Mehndi and Jaspinder Narula give the song a complete Punjabi flavor. The song is quite good and interesting and also the best song of the album.

The remix version of the song which appears later is a small number, equally hip with a few extra rap voices in such a way that I love it as much as I loved the original version.

The second song, Hari Om sung by Sunidhi is a made-to-sell song and the voice of Sunidhi reminds of Crazy Kiya re. Still, the song being pretty good, I hope the song can make a mark if the video of the song is good.

The third song, Ara ra ra ra is a Holi song, and gets into its own flavor with the very first words of Udit Narayan, getting its speed with the female voice. The song doesn't have any new type of music and reminds of Khaike Paan Banaras Wala but the song is still no bad. Voices of Anupam Kher and Satish Shah give a good feeling too.

The Remix of Hari Om doesn't seem to be having anything special to it, and the album ends with not actually as much as could be expected from Roop Kumar Rathod, but doesn't fail to give you at least two good songs as the title and ara ra ra ra.

Try the music yourself and see how much you get into the flavor yourself. It's worth listening for sure if you appreciate fast, kinda old fast music.

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