Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kurbaan Hua (Vishal Dadlani/Salim Sulaiman)

Today I saw a review by my twit-buddy dunkdaft saying Kurbaan Hua sounds just like Nazara hai of Tasveer 8x10 and is the only 'glitch' in the album. Well, my first reaction was of shock. But then I tried to compare the songs and found that the words Nazara hai and Kurbaan hua had quite some similarity even though the words Kurbaan hua lasted longer unlike Nazara hai. So I started searching why Kurbaan hua sounded better than Nazara hai. Here are the reasons I found.

First, Kurbaan hua is not Nazara hai. Even though we have same composers and singers, the composition is more mature and low-pitched notes have a better balance here. Second thing, that was completely missing in Nazara hai is lyrics. Kurbaan hua boasts of some meaningful lyrics while lyrics of Nazara hai hardly have one.

And finally, the best part of Kurbaan hua is its end. From the point Vishal starts rendering marne ka sabab slowly, the song reaches a peak very few songs are able to find. That is the part of the song I wait for every time listen to it. Those are the lines on which.. Kurbaan hua..


Kurbaan hua teri dushmani mein yun kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun
Bekhudi mein, bekali mein, bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har dua di Har daga di Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

Rubaru tu magar Tanah hai ye jahan hoo vo
Chal uthe meri khufar se
Saanson ka ye sama hoo vo
Kya hua pal mein jaane kho gaya kyun
Tu mila aur judai maa hua yun
Bekhudi mein, bekali mein, bekafi mein hua
Tujhko har dua di Har daga di Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

Marne ka sabab maangta raha dar badar
Mitne ko to dil pal mein raazi huaaaa...
..Poori hui har aarzoo har dastan meri
Ke tum shuru hue jahan main khatam hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kurbaan Music Review (Salim Sulaiman)

It was something I was waiting for a long time now. And now that it has reached me, I think it should reach you too. So here we go, with my review of Kurbaan's music, that happens to be the third release of Salim Sulaiman in this year.

Shukran Allah: You hear the chorus, you love the music. You hear Sonu, you love the song. A wonderful love song by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with a beautiful chorus and Salim Merchant for backing vocals. Listen to this and you'll be found trying to sing the words Shukran Allah Walahamidulillah soon.

Dua: In dua, Salim-Sulaiman bring the Fatak combination, Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher along with Marianne DCruz Aiman for background vocals. Dua hai dua hai is again a good song with music lying somewhere between a spiritual song and a dance number. In fact the same can be said about the song's lyrics too.

Ali Maula: In the third song, Ali Maula, that happens to be the only song in the album with a remix, Salim Merchant has done almost a Maula mere le le meri jaan again. Though, this time he doesn't have a Krishna with him and he has sung the song alone. The lyrics of the song are a bit more Urdu-ish than Maula mere. But the song goes deep and will turn out to be one with longer shelf life. Good again.

Rasiya: Background music is important. Not just in movies but in songs too. Yes, the specialists of background music have almost added background music to a semi-classical song sung by Shruti Pathak. The song will be liked in its own time and not everyone is going to like this part-classical thing. But I'd have to say, Salim-Sulaiman are great.

Kurbaan Hua: Even if it's not rock, it's rocking. Vishal Dadlani sings this rock-like-Bollywood-song for Salim-Sulaiman this time and I can tell you, not after listening to the song but after seeing the trailer itself that the song is going to be a hit.

Ali Maula Remix: I generally don't write about remixes nowadays but since Kurbaan has just one remix and fashion had some good remixes, I was tempted to write this one. Well, the remix starts bad, but as it nears the mid of the seek bar, it goes a bit better, and then starts going bad again and experiments done don't save the remix. In short, the remix by Abhijit Vaghani was not much was required, not at least with the song. They could have better done it with Shukran Allah but they probably wouldn't have not tried to take that risk with the superb song.

Overall, with just five songs, Kurbaan is a wonderful album which has not just good songs but quite a variety available. Where Shukran Allah is a love song as good as Jatin-Lalit used to make, Ali Maula gives the album a serious tone and Rasiya gives the album a light classical touch. And finally it all completes with a rocking song by Vishal. Ten on Ten. Can say that.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Music Review: Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani (Pritam)

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (APKGK) is dangerous. You get afraid you first get to see there are 14 songs in the album. Then it comes back that half of them must be remixes. And I won't write about them.

OK. This review starts from the second song, Tu Jaane Na, the one sung by Atif Aslam. Hmmm. Here is something new from Atif. Atif this time doesn't sing in Atifish style but the song is more like a song of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Interesting thing is that you love the song you hear it the first time and you know it will last long at the same time. In short, it's superb, go for it.

The next song Oh By God starts with Aamir Khan's preview given before Bam Bam Bole. OK. It's not by Aamir and it's not the same. But it's just like that. And then, there is the song by Sunidhi and Mika, who, for once, doesn't take over the whole song and gets to sing a proper duet. Dance mode, not too fast, good one this too.

Next is the song everybody was waiting for. Tera hone laga hoon is what it promised to be. A typical Atif with Alisha Chinoy sounds good. No big words. It is what you knew it would be. Listen to it. The only thing I'm wondering about is the singer of background vocals.

Prem ki Naiyya by Neeraj Shridhar for once stumped me when I heard Neeraj Shridhar singing something other than he's supposed to sing. But then he came back to his style. Once again, Neeraj Shridhar needs more freshness. The song is fine again. Will do.

Javed Ali and Jojo. That's a combination that is enough to create something in my mind. The song, Aa Jao Meri Tamanna, opens beautifully but goes a step down when Javed's voice goes below other things. But then, the guy comes bak and then fades again. Jojo gives beautiful effects in the three words 'Aise mujhmein samao'. A 'wow' love song. Go for this one. Recommended.

The next song on the list is Follow me, by Hard Kaur. Typical Hard Kaur, nothing much to tell about her rap. OK. Don't think anything huge there.

Okay. Now that original songs are over, I'm back to the first song. The song starts with Hard Kaur's voice and the same rap that the last song in my list was. And then, KK and Sunidhi Chauhan join in to sing Mujhe Pyaar Nazar nahi aata, the song you first saw in the promos. In fact if you hear the songs in the same order as written here, the song will be a good surprise to you. You can try that. ;)

Fine, songs are over, but then Pritam knows there was a really good song in the album called Tu Jaane na. And here we get a reprise version of the song. The best part is that this one, sung by Soham, Rana Mazumdar and Ashish pandit, also sounds good.

No, it's not over. Pritam knows the song is good and it's working still. So, at the end of the album, there is another, huge surprise. Kailash Kher, Paresh and Naresh, that is entire Kailasa, sing the song again in an unplugged version. I know, the song is good, and it works, but I'm wondering when Pritam will know who is the best singer for which song and give him that instead of giving three versions of same song everytime.

Oops, forgot to summarize. Good album. Buy it if you're not a Pritam-hater. You won't regret. Atif won't let you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Review: Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan)

Fitoor is not Mohit Chauhan the superhit singer who gives a hit everytime he sings. It's Mohit Chauhan the artist who wants to share the art he knows. One who sings for himself. If you like him in this way, it's good. If you do not, almost every movie has a Mohit Chauhan song, the hit one, anyway.

One thing worth noticing about the album is that Mohit has not only sung the songs but he has even composed and written all the songs of the album. Now that is a one man show for which he must be applauded. Brave guy Mohit.

Fitoor: The opening song. Opens well but gets lost somewhere in between and the song remains just OK. Mohit has tried to keep the song off the typical Mukhda-antara way and tried some changes. But the result doesn't give something exceptional. Still, feels worth listening after listening a few times.

Challeya: Challeya is a good composition and a good song overall. The song is well written and well sung. The good quality of sound mixing is also visible in the song. Go for this one.

Sajna: Sajna is an offbeat song with hints of typical Mohit Chauhan at the beginning and end of the song. You may like it after listening to the song for a few times. Good one.

Musafir: Musafir is a love song which sounds somewhat like a song of 90's with Mohit Chauhan's voice added. Likeable. Even lovable.

Uff ye Nazara: Uff ye nazara is another love song that is just ok. Nothing big in this one.

Meri Tarah: Reminds you of Silk Route's Boondein just with the music and even the instruments used. A slow, deeply poetic, somewhat nostalgic number that you might like to sit down and listen to, while free. Good one again.

Mai ni meriye: Mai ni meriye is a song that is not typical Khadi-boli hindi but has a Pahadi touch to it. The soft, slow song is based on the places of the hill areas of Uttarakhand. Must hear if you have a connection with the area. Anyways a good song, though language may prove a barrier for some.

Jeene De: Some fast, some slow, some high and some low. They can make a superb song, but in Jeene de, the mix does not sound right and probably that is the reason the song is just ok. Also, the song becomes a bit preachy at times.

Main hoon badal: The name sounds good, and so does the song. Though tere liye jaan de dunga is not a line that sounds very poetic, the song is well composed and sounds ok the way Mohit has sung it. In fact it's better than ok. Worth listening, or trying at least. Just give the song its time.

Babaji: The last song of the album, Babaji, is a different, experimented, and I'd say contemporary song. For the first time it sounds a bit strange, but later on when you're a bit used to the tone, you might like the song. Good one according to me.

One thing that becomes clear almost from the start of the album is that Fitoor is not a thing many people might look for. But it's something that will be liked by people who like to go a bit deeper. so beware if you are just thinking of buying the album keeping in mind the superhits of Mohit Chauhan. You may be disappointed, even shocked.

On the whole, the album is good though. It may be like the albums of Lucky Ali with a separate fan base. In fact the album is closest to those of Lucky Ali if anyone. But then, Mohit Chauhan is no way a Lucky Ali. My say is, if you like to experiment with your choices, go for it. It may be something good for your collection. Whatever the album be, it's not a use and throw thing. But a horse for longer races.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kurbaan: Preview

Do not kill me for this because I'm obsessed with music composers. But that has been my way of selecting music ever since the age of cassettes. The age when I was a class 8th student and was allowed to buy just 1-2 cassettes every month. And interestingly, this has always paid. And still does, so my obsession never goes.

Well, it was A R Rahman and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Vishal-Shekhar for me. But now, it's Salim-Sulaiman and Vishal-Shekhar, and yes, Amit Trivedi. I still wait for Rahman albums but do not get much disappointed if I don't get big stuff there. I know Salim-Sulaiman, Amit, V-S, and even Mithoon must be making some great things somewhere. (By the way, did you know Salim Merchant too sang a song in wake Up Sid, of the ones not in the album, composed by Amit Trivedi?)

OK. So I was waiting for this movie called Kurbaan starring Saif and Kareena, since the day I saw its Wiki page. Because it was composed for by Salim Sulaiman. And suddenly, during the intermission in Wake Up Sid, I got a chance to hear to Sonu Nigam and Vishal Dadlani singing for the movie.

And seriously, I loved it.

Salim-Sulaiman and Sonu Nigam makes a deadly combination, as it made in phir milenge chalte chalte of Rab ne bana di jodi. And this time, the song they have come up with touches right from the point when background chorus starts singing Shukran Allah. And then Sonu Nigam following with

Aisi apni mohabbat aisi rooh-e-ibadat
hum pe meherbaan do jahaan...

makes me want to listen more and more.

The next one that I could get was a complete rock, which is sung by Vishal Dadlani (who else better for rock) and goes like:

Poori hui har aarzoo
har daastaan meri..
ki tum shuru hue jahaan
main khatam hua,
kurbaan hua...

Another song that sounds good. The movie has overall five songs and a remix, with Sukhwinder Singh, Salim Merchant, and Shruti Pathak (Mar jaawan, Payaliya/Dev D, Jee le/Luck) each getting one song. I'm really waiting for the album now.

Besides songs, the movie looks good too. Om Puri's voice is enough to make you watch for the next move even in the trailer. And the name of Rensil D'Silva is doesn't make things any less interesting if you know he's the guy who wrote the dialogues and screenplay of Rang De Basanti. And even though I can get some idea of the movie, I do not want to try a spoiler here. I just hope the movie turns as good as I'm expecting it to be now. Amen.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Movie Review: Wake Up Sid

Amit Trivedi.

Wake Up Sid is good. And almost everything about the movie is fine. And so, I didn't know where to start. So I would start with the point, the person who impressed me the most in the entire movie. Amit Trivedi.

Though Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have taken the credit for the music composition of the movie and Amit Trivedi's name doesn't even show up on most posters, the trio's songs finish much before the end of the movie, from where, Amit Trivedi, the composer for Iktara and background score (as per initial credits) takes on and adds some 4-5 mini songs, or even full fledged songs to the 'background score', which are of course not there in the album soundtrack.

Coming back to the movie, it starts normally, with Ranbeer Kapoor acting a cool guy in college who screws up his final year exams and fails even when his dad tries to bring him to office. Ultimately the unavoidable happens and after a clash, Sid Mehra leaves home, to stay with his friend, new-girl-in-the-city, Konkona Sen Sharma.

Wake Up Sid, as expected, is the story of a rich-dad's-spoiled-son who becomes independent and successful once out in the world, while supported by a girl he falls in love with. But still, the story goes in such a way that you rarely get bored.

Coming to acting, Ranbeer Kapoor is good. But either the director didn't try to take him out of Hritik from Lakshya's first half, or Ranbeer could not do it. Whatever happened, the result is that Ranbeer many times sounds completely like Karan of Lakshya. Konkona Sen Sharma is a natural and so is Anupam Kher. Rahul Khanna hasn't got much to do in his special appearance. I think he's doing only special appearances nowadays. Supriya Pathak aka Hansa Bhabhi of Khichdi has acted her part well as the uneducated, never-say-die-English-speaking-mother of the spoiled son.

The pace of movie is a bit slow at times, but it comes back generally by the time you start realizing it. Also, the movie looks somewhat childish in the start, but as it progresses, the movie seems to be maturing with Sid. The movie reaches its peak probably at the point Ranbeer is leaving Konkona's house, and after that the movie drags a bit to an end we all know it has to reach. In short, while the monsoon makes all things good, the movie gets a bit muddy too. Rest, I can say is good and worth watching once for sure.

At the end, the same words to be repeated. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fare well in the title song, Kya Karoon, and Aaj Kal Zindagi, but if they limit themselves there, Amit Trivedi and likes are there to cover. And then, the market of S-E-L may go down. Wake Up S-E-L.

And you, watch the movie. Watch it once. If you like, you can always see again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You may be/ You're the one (Aladin: Vishal-Shekhar)

First words: Listen to it. Now we can start. A song that is probably the best song by Vishal-Shekhar, equivalent to Tu Ashiqui hai according to me, with Khuda Jaane somewhere close. But doubtlessly, Vishal and Shekhar bring to you one of their best songs ever, in their own voices. Yes, this is the first song Vishal and Shekhar have sung together with nobody else there. While the entire song is beautiful, the second part of the song is sung with absolute finesse and the way they pair up the voices towards the end is just wonderful. Here are the lyrics of the song, with some repetitions removed.


You are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
You may be, just a little bit deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one
Tum Jaisi, hai na koi yun deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one
Ab aur kisse na chahta hoon aur kisse na chahunga
Tu jo taare maang le to woh bhi tod laaunga
Kehke to dekho na karta rahunga main pyaar

You may be just a little bit deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one

Haule haule hamse ye hawayein jaane kya keh rahi hai
Kehte kehte phir zara laja ke dekho chup reh rahi hai
Baat hai to wohi Dil mein thehre kahin
Sapno ko mere hain bas ik tera intzaar

You may be, just a little bit deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one

you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one

Khuley khuley teri aankhon mein hai mere armaan saare
Khile khile aise hai ke pheeke pheeke hain sab nazare
Hai naya ye jahaan ke hua la yahaan
Itna kabhi bhi kisi ko kisi se hai pyaar
You may be, just a little just a little bit deewani..
Thodi thodi si crazy Tuhi to meri baby

you are the one you are the one

Ab aur kisse na chahta hoon aur kisse na chahunga
Tu jo taare mang le to woh bhi tod laaunga
Kehke to dekhona karta rahunga main pyaar
Tum jaisi tum jaisi hai na koi yun deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one

you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one....

Music Review: Aladin (Vishal-Shekhar)

A R Rahman looks out of form and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are lost somewhere. Amit Trivedi is giving music for a song or two right now and Mithoon is out of scene. Himesh is not composing for movies that don't take him as hero and even Pritam is composing lesser nowadays, that is, not counting the likes of All The Best. So who is there to rely upon? Salim-Sulaiman.. and maybe Vishal-Shekhar.

Oh yes, the 'we-don't-want-to-give-just-hits' duo is there with Aladin. And look what they have brought. No, it's not another Mohit Chauhan song. They still don't need an Atif Aslam or a Neeraj Shridhar. Not even a Sonu and KK this time. They were asked to compose for a children's flick, and they have done EXACTLY that.

Aladin is an album that contains some freshness, and people like Amitabh Bachchan, Sudesh Bhosle, and Shankar Mahadevan behind the microphones. And when they had to come up with a love song, Vishal and Shekhar took the task in their hand and together they sang the song I've listened to at least 30 times in past 24 hours.

Genie Rap/Make a Wish: Amitabh Bachchan is certainly one person who moves with time. The album opens with a song that is sung by Amitabh Bachchan and Anushka Manchanda. Now that's a combination. Well, After rapping up with Abhishek for Bluffmaster, Vishal-Shekhar rap it up with the Big B and the result is certainly good. Catch it on TV if you haven't yet.

Tak Dhina Dhin: The song takes me right back to the days of Kishore Kumar when he used to sing happier-than-thou songs for Amitabh. The song is certainly a good one for a children's movie and must be liked in the movie. Shankar Mahadevan gets full marks for his singing while Shaan is OK.

O re Sawariya: If you thought there could not be a 'Rang Barse bheege chunarwali' again, you were right. But Vishal-Shekhar do their best to prove you wrong. Sudesh Bhosle, the voice of Amitabh in many songs joins Big B himself for the song and almost take you to that age. O re sawariya is a track full of Masti that you would like probably in the first listening. Check it out.

You may be: OK. First words: Listen to it. Now we can start. A friend on Twitter said it was the best song ever by Vishal-Shekhar. My say was that the song was equivalent to Tu Ashiqui hai and Khuda Jaane was also somewhere close. But doubtlessly, Vishal and Shekhar bring to you one of their best songs ever, in their own voices. Yes, this is the first song Vishal and Shekhar have sung together with nobody else there. While the entire song is beautiful, the second part of the song is sung with absolute finesse. My last words here about the song again are, 'Go, listen to it.'

Bachke O Bachke: A bit repetitive, but likeable. Another song that is something like Tak Dhina Dhin, or a mark below that. Should go well with the movie. But one thing is sure, Vishal-Shekhar are making better songs for Shankar Mahadevan than Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy right now.

Giri giri: One song that is below the mark. The song is sung by Sanjay Dutt and is not very good. In fact on audio alone, the song is barely passable. I hope the song has some interesting sequence attached to it so that it is worth watching in the movie.

The album has two remixes, the genie rap and O re Sawariya. Both the remixes are OK. In fact the original Genie Rap is quite like some remix of an old song and remixed, it doesn't sound much new. O re sawariya, though, had scope for remix which is used fine.

Overall, Aladin is an album that targets its audience, something that is not much seen nowadays. The thing becomes even more difficult when the target audience of the movie happen to be children. And Vishal-Shekhar have performed their task quite efficiently. Other than that, there is one song, you may be, that is better than any song released in the past some time. So I would rate the album as a good. A 4 on 5. Especially for being good where it needed to be.

My picks: You May Be, Genie Rap, Tak Dhina Dhin.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten reasons NOT to watch What's Your Rashee (IF u need)

1. Do not watch the movie if u listen to ur elders. All critics said NO.
2. Don't watch it if u r a true Gandhian and do not want to see bad, hear bad and speak bad too. Once u watch the movie, all three are bound to happen. U'll see and hear bad, and ultimately speak bad about the movie.
3. Because your family needs that money more than Gowariker. He has earned a lot from his good ones.
4. Because your friends always want a treat. At least wasting money on treat will make u good for sometime.
5. Do NOT watch the movie if you're a Hritik fan and cannot see anybody copying him badly.
6. Because it's the Docomo age. Every second is worth something. 3 hrs and 17 minutes certainly are.
7. If you are a die hard Ashutosh Gowariker fan. And want to stay that way.
8. Because there is still hope. Hope that Wake Up Sid, coming next week, will be better than this. Amen.
9. Because we do not want Ashutosh to think that he again made a blockbuster and fight everyone. Every ticket contributes towards making a film blockbuster.
10. So that you remain sane and healthy, and your family happy.

I hope this post doesn't reach Ashutosh Gowariker. Don't want the big man's fury.

Ten reasons to watch What's Your Rashee

If you are thinking of watching the big movie, (ya it's big. three hours and 17 minutes, with 13 songs in there) and are still not able to find your reasons, try finding some here.

1. Watch it if you do not remember what the twelve Rashees are. This will be easier than reading Linda Goodman.
2. Watch it if you want to see 12 completely different hair styles on the same girl and save money from 11 other movies.
3. Watch it if you were planning to do a research on Gujjus of Mumbai.
4. Watch it if you still think Ashutosh Gowariker cannot make a bad movie and all critics are idiots. U must be punished then.
5. Watch it to sleep without pills. Right before the movie starts is the best time. Anytime, though, is good enough.
5. Watch it if your girlfriend is bugging you for a movie. You can have some time out of theatres after this.
6. Watch it for the 12 times Priyanka comes on screen to show the name of the next zodiac.
7. Watch it if you're a Hritik fan so bad that you can watch even his duplicate playing the hero.
8. Watch it for "Hamari koi Shakha nahi hai."
9. Watch it if you're still thinking of watching the movie.
10. Watch it because... if... for... Can't get more. Exhausted.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Failed Challenge: What's Your Rashee

Ashutosh Gowariker has been a man of challenges. The big guy who made a movie on Cricket in India and still made it work has been on a mission challenge ever since his first biggie Lagaan as a director. And Challenge after challenge he even proved himself. But finally, finally, here comes something that fails. At least fails to reach the standards Ashutosh Gowariker has set for himself.

His first movie as a director, Lagaan was a hit. A huge one. Which was a big deal considering movies on Cricket hardly work, be it a recent Hadippa, Stumped, Victory or Hat Trick. But since Aamir Khan's presence didn't let Ashutosh take all the credit and Aamir got more that equitable share.

Then Ashutosh went for another challenge, that of making with both Shahrukh Khan and a good story, something that rarely happens and probably has been done by only Shimit Amin better than Gowariker, with Chak De India.

Winner of the challenge, Ashutosh put himself to an even bigger challenge. Of making a period film. If I had doubted the success of Swades, I was sure of Jodhaa Akbar's flop fate. But Ashutosh proved me wrong when he dragged Indians into cinema halls for a three-hour-plus movie on Akbar and Jodha Bai.

And then, he announced a comedy.

The guy who could not bear with Sajid Khan on an award show stage, had decided to make a comedy. The guy who was so serious with his movies that he could not keep himself shut and blurted out how some other actress could win an award against his movie's actress, was going to make a comedy. I had to declare another flop, irrespective of the number of challenges Ashutosh had won for himself. And he did it. He finally lost a challenge. Even from the most optimistic angle, What's your raashee is not a movie that matches the standard of Ashutosh's last three movies.

Although, in parts I like the movie and Priyanka Chopra has been simply fabulous in many roles, say most roles, there is not much in the movie other than that. Harman Baweja could have lived a much better life had he entered the film industry 7-8 years before he did. I see Hritik Roshan in almost every action of Harman. Just like Sehwag.

Also, Darshan Zariwala is great. Anjan Srivastava doesn't get much to do in the movie, and Gujju acts of the movie are well-performed. Music is mostly okay to good and goes divine in Bikhri-Bikhri si zulfein hain kyun. Well done Sohail Sen for that.

Now, we hope that the big guy with an academy nomination learns something from this experience too and gets us something new and good again. So What's Your Next Challenge, Mr Gowariker?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some More Female Voices, Please!

It's a male dominated world. And since the film Industry is a part of this very world, the industry is, fortunately or unfortunately, male dominated too. And recently, I have noticed a newly developing aspect of the fact. We have less and less female singers behind the microphones now.

Did you notice neither Tum Mile nor London Dreams has a single female singer in their credits. The concern goes worse when one says both the movies are musicals, Tum Mile, with Pritam trying to give his best compositions/collections, and London Dreams, based on singers' lives itself. Still, there is not a single song in either of the movies where you get to hear a female voice.

While in Indian film industry the fairer sex rarely gets a fair share in anything, getting no share at all in a field like singing is new and strange. Previously we have seen many examples of movies with female voices appearing in just one or two songs. Also, there have been movies based on certain subjects where we have less songs or songs based on certain characters, be it Dosti of Laxmikant Pyarelal, or Taare Zameen Par.

Going by music composers, A R Rahman, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman and Pritam can be considered as major music composers. While A R Rahman quite regularly gives some songs to Madhushree for a long time now, Shreya Ghoshal is a main league singer who has found place in Rahman's choices.

Vishal and Shekhar also seem to have a few songs for Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal in their albums. In fact they have admitted that at times, they compose certain songs with these singers in mind. Salim Sulaiman don't use the voices of Sunidhi and Shreya regularly but they seem to experiment with newer or lesser known voices like Shruti Pathak, Neha Bhasin and Hema Sardesai.

Pritam is generally found using a voice or two for his dance numbers while he relies more on band singers like Neeraj Shridhar, Mohit Chauhan and even Atif if available. Last time when he tried to put all these singers in duets, in Kismat Konnection, the results were not very good and probably that's the reason he is coming up with less and less female voices, finally to give an all-male Tum Mile.

As far as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are concerned, they tend to take lesser known or no female voices for their albums. While their London Dreams has no female voices, Wake Up Sid's only song with a female voice is the one composed by Amit Trivedi. Their Heyy Babyy had just one song sung by Shreya and Taare Zameen Par had no female singers except in backgrounds.

So, what is the reason we have lesser and lesser female singers now? Are various reality shows any measure? Because almost all of them seem to have a male winner except a few Saurabhis and Sanchitas. well, I do not think that it's men who sing all the good songs. And variety is something we will anyways, always need. I hope we not only have more singers like Mohit Chauhan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but also like Sunidhi, Shilpa, Anushka and Sona. Are the composers (all males) listening?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jashn hai Jeet ka (London Dreams: Abhijeet Ghoshal)

Jashn hai jeet ka is a song I've fallen in love with. First thing, I love the lyrics of the song. It reminds me of Shakespearean classics, especially Julius Caesar as the singer claims himself to be the King of the world saying aasma mera ab aasma mera. He even says that he doesn't believe his old friends (Et tu, brute) while he renders majhi pe mujhko nahi ab thoda sa bhi aitbaar, and celebrates his victory like anything. Also, the song has some fierce music and Abhijeet Ghoshal has sung the song in its spirit. Here are the lyrics penned by Prasoon Joshi.


Sun le khuda gaur se zara
aasma mera ab aasma mera

(neend tod ke khwaab ud gaye
aasma mera ab aasma mera
badal bheench ke honth tar kiya
aasma mera ab aasma mera
main to akele chal diya haathon mein le ke patwar
majhi pe mujhko nahi, ab thoda sa bhi aitbaar
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka)-2

chhale kai talwon mein chubhe kahin bhale kai
jalti hui kahin thi zameen
taale kai dard ya ki sambhale kai
hauslon mein rahi thi kami
hum abhi ad gaye
aandhiyon se lad gaye
maine dhakel ke unhe chheen ke le li roshni
mere hisse ke ve savere, mere hisse ki zindagi
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka..

Yaari Bina Hai Besuri (London Dreams: Roop Kumar Rathod, Milind)

Yaari Bina is probably the best song of London Dreams. Roop Kumar Rathod and Milind make a hit right from the start of the song when they render Duniya bhaad mein jaaye. The song is slow, fast, medium, classical, Punjabi style, and so much more. In fact Roop Kumar Rathod reminds me of Machis in the song. I would say that the song is a complete classic and should last even after the other songs of the movie are forgotten. Whatever the future of the song is, Roop Kumar Rathod, Milind, Composers Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, and Prasoon Joshi definitely deserve an applause for the song. Here are the lyrics of the song.


Yeh duniya Jab leke Tarazu
Tera tol ke bhav bataye

Yaar kahe Aa seene se lag ja
Duniya Bhad mein Jaaye


Do kahan hain, Ek hi hai
Yaari mein do hote hi nahi
Usko kaato Dard isko
Yaari mein do hote hi nahi
O Kache gud si yaari, Yaari
O meethe paan se pyaari

To aaja jash mana le, yaara ve
Yaar ko laga le
Dil ke andhero ko woh tatole
Man ko bilo de, Matka le khole

Yaara Yari bina hai besuri meri zindagi
Yaara Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi

Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi


Yaara Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi
Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi

Meri Hichkiyon mein hai woh shamil
Mere Khawabon mein
Meri mausamo mein titliyon ko chhode woh

O Mere aasunon ko Motiyon si shan bakhshe woh
Meri bansuri mein aake saaasein jode woh

O Kache gud si yaari Yaari
O meethe paan se pyaari

To aaja jash mana le yaara ve
Yaar botle laga le
Dil ke andhero ko woh tatole
Man ko bilo de Matka le khole

Yaara Yari bina hai besuri meri zindagi
Yaara Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi

Yari bina hai besuri hai besuri
besuri zindagi..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Music Review: London Dreams (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy)

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have always been my favorites. But they disappointed me badly with Wake Up Sid when I found that the only song I liked in the album was composed by Amit Trivedi, coming in as guest composer. But with London Dreams, they are back. At least from the level they had gone to with Wake Up Sid.

The most troubling part of the album, though, is that after Tum Mile, even London Dreams doesn't have a female voice in the eight songs. Pritam could do this, but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy going for only male voices may be a cause of concern. Here is the song by song review.

Barso Yaaron: The album starts with Barso Yaaron that is sung by Vishal Dadlani and Roop Kumar Rathod. Well, No doubt the combination is a strange one, and the fact that Roop Kumar Rathod's voice is shown as part of a Rock Concert is even more interesting. But then, Rathod is one person who does everything to perfection and he is great here too. A good song, where you get to hear the fastest-ever Hanuman Chalisa too. Something that reminds you the composer was the guy behind (and in front of) Breathless.

Man ko Ati Bhavey: The second song of the album, Man ko ati bhavey saiyyan is an interesting one again. The song, sung by Shankar Manadevan, is majorly in rich Hindi words and is supported by eunuch like voices. The song has some interesting lyrics by Prasoon Joshi which are almost perfectly in Hindi except certain places like 'Utsav manata hai saara chaman' where he doesn't get a Hindi word and is tempted to use an Urdu one. In short, lyrics, Shankar, and supporting voices make the fast paced song interesting.

Tapkey Masti: The third song of the album is Tapkey Masti sung by newcomer Feroz Khan. The song is high pitched and has a slight Punjabi flavor that reminds me of 'Mast Kalandar' of Heyy Babyy. Still, the song sounds ok and the new guy Feroz Khan passes the test.

Khanabadosh: The fourth song of the album, Khanabadosh, that can be counted as the title song too, is an okay one. The song has some good lyrics and the music is catchy sort, but one cannot expect the song to long last. The song has many supporting singers, the cover credits only one, Mohan.

Khwaab Jo: The fifth song finally gives one some break and one gets to hear a singing-and-not-running Shankar, along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song has some fine music and wonderful lyrics with two genius guys singing together and they make up for everything that is missing in the song. Listen to Rahat and Shankar singing together and no big deal if you get stuck here only.

Yaari Bina: If there's one song in the album I would recommend with Khwaab jo, probably better than Khwaab jo, it's here. Roop Kumar Rathod and Milind make a hit right from the start of the song when they render Duniya bhaad mein jaaye. The song is slow, fast, medium, classical, Punjabi style, and so much more. Oh, Roop Kumar Rathod reminds me of Machis this time. A complete classic. Go for it.

Jashn hai Jeet Ka: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy bring in another lesser known guy for a beautiful song. Not a huge hit, but the song is definitely one I'd recommend if you're a sucker for a bit deep songs. First thing, I love the lyrics of the song. It reminds me of Shakespearean classics as the singer claims himself to be the King of the world, says he doesn't believe his old friends, and is celebrating his victory. Well done Mr Joshi.

Shola Shola: Eighth song of the album starts with a well known voice of Zubeen Garg, the Ya Ali guy in case you don't remember. The song is an anybody-can-make-it type just fine composition that is good for running in the background. Zubeen has sung the song in his typical way and there is hardly anything new about that. Still, the song has potential of running in a relay race and if other songs go fine, the song won't disappoint and will go with the other songs.

Overall, London Dreams is an average album but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have shown their work in some places like Khwaab jo and Yaari Bina. The album has some masti type songs too and has its share of rock also.

I'd suggest listening to Khwaab Jo, Yaari Bina, Barson Yaaron. If you're one for masti, add Man ko ati bhaave, and if you want deeper things, add Jashn hai jeet ka to your list. Find your picks and album will be good for you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dil Ibadat (lyrics)

Ok. I cannot not write the lyrics of this beautiful song. Pritam and KK, superb work. And lyricists, Sayeed Quadri and Kumaar. Good job.


Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun,
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun.
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal main Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal main Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Jo Bhi Jitne Pal Jiyoon
Unhe Tere Sang Jiyoon
Jo Bhi Kal Ho Ab Mera Use Tere Sang Jiyoon
Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoon Unhe Tere Sang Bharoon
Chahe Jo Ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chaloon

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Mujhko De Tu Mit Jaane
Ab Khudse Dil Mil Jaane
Kyun Hai Yeh Itna Fasla..
Lamhe Ye Phir Naa Aane
Inko Tu Naa de Jaane
Tu Mujh Pe Khudko De Luta.....
Tujhe Tujhse Tod Loon Kahin Khudse Jod Loon
Mere Jism O Jaan Mein Aa Teri Khushboo Odh Loon

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoon Unhe Tere Sang Bharoon
Chahe Jo Ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chaloon

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Bahon Main De Bas Jaane
Seene Main De Chhup Jaane
Tujh Bin Main Jaaun to Kahaan
Tujhse Hain Mujhe Ko Paane Yaado Ke Wo Nazrane
Ek Jinpe Haq Ho Bas Mera

Teri Yaado Main Rahoon
Tere Khwabo Main Jagoon
Mujhe Doondhe Jab Koi
Teri Aankho Main Miloon

Jo Bhi Saanse Main Bharoon
Unhe Tere Sang Bharoon
Chahe Jo ho Raasta Use Tere Sang Chaloon

Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Review: Tum Mile (Pritam)

Tracks: 9
Songs: 5
Versions: 8
Instrumentals: 1
Composer: Pritam
Singers: Javed Ali, KK, Mohit Chauhan, Neeraj Shridhar, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
Best ones: Dil Ibadat, Tu hi Haqeeqat, Tum Mile Love Reprise
Verdict: Good

Tum Mile: One song. Three versions. Probably Pritam could not decide how will the song look best and put three versions of the song in the album. The album opens with this song in Neeraj Shridhar's voice. With Neeraj the song sounds like a typcial song of his and becomes a foot-tapping number that will rule the charts for a few months and then forgot.

But then, the same song is given to Javed Ali and you get 'Love Reprise'. This time, the song almost completely changes even though you know it's the same. This version is lighter, definitely better and relatively long lasting.

And then you have Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan singing a rock version for the song. For once you may not find much in this version after listening to the first two. But separated from the other two, the rock version also scores. My pick, though, is Javed Ali's Love Reprise version.

Dil Ibadat: A lovable track sung by KK. The song also has a Rock Version that is again sung by him. The compostion is good and lyrics, though usual, at some points are superb. Overall the song is a good one, of must listen category. Go for it, select which version you like better. Normal one for me.

Is Jahan mein: Mohit Chauhan is not made for 'fast' songs. Not that he can't sing them well or something, but he's so good with slow-soft-romantic numbers (and even not so romantic ones, remember Khoon Chala) that giving him a fast one is not generally a very good use of the depth in his voice. Iss Jahan mein has something like that only. Is jahan mein is a good song but if you start listening after seeing Mohit Chauhan's name, you may be disappointed. Okay song.

Tu Hi Haqeeqat: Khwaab tu, dariya tu hi, pyaas tu, tu hi dil ki beqarari, tu sukoon, tu sukoon... With good lyrics like these and slow, beautiful music, the USP of tu hi haqeeqat is Javed Ali. Javed Ali has sung the song in such a soulful voice that makes it worth listening. Tu Humsafar, Tu humkadam, Tu humnava mera.. Listen to this one just for Javed Ali.

O Meri Jaan: Yet another song by KK. This one is a sad number, though not a typical sad song we're familiar with, but a rock kind of song that one is expected to like in a long time, and then, the song stays. A good song, but only for those who have the patience as you will probably not like the song instantly. Try it anyway.

Overall, tum mile is a good album and in times when A R Rahman's Blue has not been able to deliver much, Pritam gives some songs somewhat beyond expectation. Credit to Pritam, but more credit to KK and Javed Ali.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fiqrana (Blue: Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal)

Vijay Prakash is a name that is taken with respect now, and everytime A R Rahman gets a song for this guy, we get a superb number, whatever type it is. Be it yuvvraaj's Manmohini, or Slumdog's Jai Ho, or Swades's pal pal hai bhari, he does a good job for every song. And this time Vijay Prakash is in a different mode. Fiqrana is a song full of 'Josh', just the way RDB's Pathshala rebel was, or Dhakka-laga-buka/jana-gana-mana of yuva.

And he does it again. Listen to the song. It's one of the few really good numbers of Blue.


Fiqrana ho ke ham jiye
Khamakhaa ham jiye na kyun
Beparwaah ho ke ham jiye
Khamakhaa ham jiye naa kyun

Jeete hain ad-ad-ad ke ham
Phirte hain fur-fur-fur se ham
Milte hain rom-rom-rom se ham
Chalte hain dam-dam-dam se ham

Mahakte gulzaaro mein ham
Chamakte sitaaron mein ham
Dahakte angaaron mein ham
Lahakte hawaaon mein ham
Ye Fiqrana-4

Hai qatil apni rangat
Hai shatir apni sangat
Thode se ham hain diwaane
Yahi hai apni daulat
main poori kar loon hasrat
main man ki saari mannat
Mujhe koi rok nahin, tok nahin
Main man maana hoon
Junoon, sukoon, main sharara
main maza saza mein mara
naye khawaab hain, main hoon ishq ka maara

Hone de ye mulaaqaatein
thode din thodi si raatein
sochenge phir ye ham
chahenge ya na chahenge ham

Hai qatil apni rangat
Hai shatir apni sangat
Thode se ham hain diwaane
Yahi hai apni daulat
To kar lein sab se khilaafat
Tu ban ja meri mohabbat
Jahaan se lad jaaoonga, mar jaaoonga, main mastaana

shuru karoon ishq badhana
Tu jo kahe wo lage rab ko paana
Chal chalein wo chalein apna hai zamana

Honge sang hamaare
aasmaan ke ye taare
milenge tab tum ham
haan kar denge, na na karenge ham...

Yaar mila tha saiyyan (Blue: Udit Narayan, Madhushree)

So the long-awaited music of Blue is out and though we can see Kylie Minogue singing and dancing, Farhan Akhtar hasn't sung for the album and the music of Rahman is not as good as I had expected to say the least.

Still, there are some good things in the album, one of them a beautiful, romantic and a quite dramatic song by Udit Narayan, Madhushree, and Ujjayinee Roy, Yaar Mila tha Saiyyan. A R Rahman hasn't used Udit a lot, but whenever he does it, the result is good. The song has a village background and you can hear a Lagaan in the song until you see the video. Madhushree is good as always and the song is worth listening to.


yaar mila tha saiyyan
ik din yaar mila tha saiyyan
aankhon mein sapne, dil mein leke
pyaar mila tha saiyyan
kya main karti saiyyan baiyyan
kya main karti saiyyan
teri yaad mein kitni sadiyaan aah bharti saiyyan

are kuch to sharam kar leti ab kya kahegi duniya
tu uske sang ho lee us peepal ki chhaiyyan

socha nikal loon, par pallu, wo kheencha zor se,
bola sandesa, wo laya, hai teri or se

haye dil ghayal, zakhmi jiya,
kaise jiye ab tera piya,
maar diya dulhaniya tune maar diya dulhaniya
jeete jee apne saiyyan ko maar diya dulhaniya

yaar mila tha saiyyan
ik din yaar mila tha saiyyan

hai kusoor kya mera bata na yoon sata main-
teri raah takti thi

raah takti thi to khafa
ho gayi thi tu ya bewafa
ki panghat pe, ghoonghat ke bina
ja baithi kaise tu, wo bhi mere bina
usi panghat pe jahan jhat se
pehli baar thaami thi maine teri kalayee
jahan dhoop se hum bache the jahan nache the
apne kadam
aur besharam
wo kalaai tu thama ke aayi hathon mein na jaane

kis khote ke, kis pote ke,
mere hote se, par sote se,

par tune hi to use bheja na
ki mera pyaar piya ko de ja na

yaar bulaya saiyyan maine yaar bulaya saiyyan
bhooli saari duniya jab ek baar bulaya saiyyan

to aa gale dulhaniya lag ja aa gale dulhaniya
dekh ke apni yaari duniya laakh jale dulhaniya

yaar bulaya saiyyan--lag ja aa gale dulhaniya
bhooli saari duniya--duniya laakh jale dulhaniya

are teri wafa ke kisse ab ga rahi hai duniya
har maa kahe bete se, la aisi dulhaniya
haaye dil ghayal, zakhmi jiya
jiye bas jiye ab, mera piya..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farhan didn't sing for Rahman?

Finally the much awaited music of Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan starrer Blue is set to release. The movie came into limelight when A R Rahman decided to make Farhan sing for the movie. Then there was news that Farhan had a sore throat and that made Rahman wait. And now the music is going to release in the second week of September but it's not clear if Farhan is going to sing for the movie.

If we listen to Wikipedia (as on today, September 4th, 2009), Farhan is going to sing the song Bhoola Tujhe along with Rashid Ali. But then, the official site of A R Rahman says something else. The site doesn't mention Farhan's name in singers and says that the song will be sung by Rashid Ali alone.

So most probably Farhan Akhtar is not singing for A R Rahman and we'll have to miss the opportunity to listen to the Farhan Akhtar's voice once again, that too in an A R Rahman composition.

The soundtrack of Blue will have seven tracks for which Rahman has roped in Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Rashid Ali, Neeraj Shridhar, Vijay Prakash, Udit Narayan, Madhushree and Suzanne D'Mello. Besides, Rahman's blue theme reportedly has six more singers including Blaaze.

Apparently, the song that Farhan Akhtar has missed is going to be a good number as the song not only has Rashid Ali singing but also has backing vocals from singers as good as Benny Dayal. The opening song of the album, Aaj Dil has Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghoshal and should be worth listening. Chiggy Wiggy by Kylie Minogue and Sonu Nigam is already out. The song has a 'masti' feeling to it and the video makes it all the more clear.

While with Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, rehnuma can be a beautiful love song, Vijay Prakash and Shreya's Fiqrana must be a good song as Vijay Prakash has been getting good songs for quite some time and his last with Rahman in Yuvvraaj was especially good.

With Udit Narayan and Madhushree, the last song of the album, Yaar Mila Tha is going to be a typical romantic song. In fact nowadays Udit Narayan and Madhushree is becoming a new pair of singers as even Sohail Sen has used them both together in What's your raashee.

For now all we can do is guess. So let's wait and watch when the music of Blue comes.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Lyrics: Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahi Jaaye (Radio - Love on Air)

A little, lovely song from Himesh Reshammiya's Radio - Love on Air, which reminds me of 90's songs with Nadeem Shravan's music and Vinod Rathod's voice. Set in a light mood, the song has depth too, and Himesh's voice, for the first time, sounds innocent to me. Check out for the song. Here are the lyrics.

tere gham se bari ho jana behtar hi tha..
tere gham se bari ho jana behtar hi tha,
par khud hi badla hai maine irada rihai ka

mila mila sa juda juda sa main haara haara sa
khila khila sa khafa khafa sa main maara maara sa
rafa dafa kiya nahi jaaye,
tujhe jiya bhi nahi jaaye,
tujhe bhulaya nahi jaaye ho..

mila mila sa juda juda sa main haara haara sa
khila khila sa khafa khafa sa main maara maara sa
tere gham se bari ho jana behtar hi tha..

hoti jahan bhi hai, dil ko teri khushi,
dard wahin tere khil jaate hain,
tere bin tujhse hi, mujhko to aise bhi,
mere dono jahan mil jaate hain..

tere gham se bari ho jana behtar hi tha,
par khud hi badla hai maine irada rihai ka
mila mila sa juda juda sa main haara haara sa
khila khila sa khafa khafa sa main maara maara sa

rafa dafa kiya nahi jaaye,
tujhe jiya bhi nahi jaaye,
tujhe bhulaya nahi jaaye ho..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Review: Radio (Himesh Reshammiya)

Himesh Reshammiya is here again. With his new movie: Radio - Love on Air. In a new voice. Yes, the CD cover claims 'New Voice' above the song list.

Well, the album has 12 songs out of which (only) 3 are remixes. Even though Himesh has sung all the songs himself, in his 'new' voice, he has kept himself in control on many things, remixes one of them.

Mann ka Radio: The album starts with Mann ka Radio which is a song that you'll probably end up loving if you don't decide NOT to listen to Himesh at any cost. Because this catchy but not-that-Himesh-ish song is going to be a hit on FM and television. Himesh has sung the song with nasal effects though there is some hint of that in higher notes. Listen to it for a few times and you'll be humming the song.

Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio: This one is something Bhangda-like, while Himesh has tried a Rajasthani/Hariyanvi touch. The lyrics of the song have words from the vocabulary of today's youth. Not one for long run, but the song is catchy again and should work in short term.

Janeman: OK. Himesh said new voice. But this song is more. The song sounds different right from the first word Himesh croons. The song might have been a blockbuster had Sonu Nigam sung it but then, a non-nasal Himesh doesn't sound THAT bad and the quality of music makes the song worth listening. On a serious note, Janeman is a good, soft, romantic number that one would like. Shreya Ghoshal is the female voice in the song and that gives a freshness to the album. Listen to the song when you're free and can lend your ears to some melody.

Piya Jaise Laddu Motichoor Wale: Well, I saw the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and I knew that the song was good. The song is a slow, soft, subtly romantic song where Himesh has given space to Rekha and she does take the song ahead on her own. You may need to hear the song five times to love it but the song is definitely one for long race. Special addition: Shehnai in the start.

Go for the song. Recommended.

Koi na Koi Chahe: Another romantic, slow, but relatively higher notes' song. Himesh has sung the song mainly himself in the beginning and Shreya has not been given very much to sing in the song, but later on she gets a fair share of things. One good thing good about the song is that it uses very less instruments in the background and you actually get to listen to the song more than instruments.

Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasmaan: Well, this is one DUET where you have one Shreya Ghoshal and one Himesh Reshammiya. While Shreya starts the song with her soft, soothing voice, Himesh comes up in between and sings some high notes. This keeps on going alternately for some time and then the period of both singers increases. The whole setting looks good and I like the song. Had Shreya not been there and if Himesh got the entire song for himself, probably this one would be something like his earlier songs but Himesh has used Shreya's voice well to create a good, balanced song.

Damadji Angana hain Padhare: One might be surprised reading Kailash Kher's name in credits but when one reads the title of the song, it suddenly looks easier to understand. The song is sung by both Kailash and Himesh and sounds like a mixing of two completely different songs. While Kailash's part is completely traditional, with Dhols and all, Himesh in his part sounds something like he did in Dhoom Tere Ishq ki (Karzzz). A good experiment. Try the song, you might like it.

Shaam Ho Chali Hai: Okay. This album is for soft, romantic songs with Shreya Ghoshal. One problem with Himesh Reshammiya's songs earlier used to be that they all sound same, even if they're not the same. I guess the problem may surface again as all songs sound soft and romantic this time. Anyway, coming back to the songs, this one also sounds good though Jaaneman looks better in a cursory glance.

Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahi Jaaye: Rafa Dafa is the last original song of the album and lasts less than three minutes. The song sounds like it's being played on an orchestra we once used to see in North Indian weddings, largely because of the drums being played in the background. The beats even remind me of Nadeem Shravan's early days. Interestingly, Himesh's voice in this song, to me, felt like... Innocent. Strange song, feels like a 90's number to me. I'm falling in love with this one. The only trouble with the song is that it ends abruptly.

The three remixes in the album are that of the bhangda song - Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio, the first track - Mann ka Radio, and Rekha's Piya Jaise Laddu Motichoor Wale. Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio is a Bhangda-type song and it's remix had to be there. Mann ka Radio remix has been added with various effects and sounds OK too. About Piya Jaise Laadoo, all I can say is that a good song, if not tempered with badly, gives an OK remix and the same happens with the song. Basically, once again remixes have been added for the addition but unlike before, this time we have only three of them.

Overall, the album does bring a new Himesh Rehsammiya, and it does sound good and refreshing. But I doubt if this Himesh Reshammiya could ever be as popular as the Aashiq Banaya Aapne Himesh once was. Still, the good thing is that he is here and minus the uber-repetition he had created earlier. Listen to him if you're a Himesh fan and give it a try if you're not. At least it is worth that. Mann ka Radio bajne de zaraa...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Review: Baabarr (Anand Raj Anand)

Anand Raj Anand can once in a while compose good and now that he has been out of the seen for quite some time, he has given some good music for Baabarr. Interestingly, Baabarr is an album that almost completely belongs to Anand as he has not only composed all the songs, he has even sung one wonderful song and written all the songs for the movie.

Baabarr has just four songs and one remix, along with one Baabarr theme, and has almost every song above a certain level.

Maula Ye Bata: The first song of the album, Maula Ye Bata, is a good song and since it is on TV for some time now, it's already gaining popularity. The song reminds me of Kabhi Aayaton mein Padha tujhe from Dus Kahaniyaan, probably because the song is of similar style and Anand has sung both the songs himself. The lyrics of the song are good. Also, at the end, the song is given a deep Sufi touch that makes the song all the more interesting and beautiful. Full marks to Anand Raj Anand for this one.

Baabarr: The next song, the title Baabarr, is sung by Sukhwinder Singh. The song is one that praises the hero of the movie, Baabarr, something like Omkara title song (Sukhwinder again). The song initially looks like a mediocre number but after listening to it once or twice, it sounds good on high volume. Sukhwinder of course has his effect on the song. Not bad.

Baje Raat ke Baarah: As is probably clear with the name, Baje Raat ke Baarah is a dance song in Desi style. The song is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and some all-of-them-are-same lyrics but the song sounds good as the music as well as singing is done pretty well.

Pagal Manva: The fourth and the final song, Pagal Manva is sung by classical singer Raka Mukherjee. The song, which has a classical touch, is a beautiful composition with good lyrics and Raka has sung it really well. Also, Anand has used more instruments at times than one would use in a normal classical song. A full marks song again.

After the four songs, there is a two minutes and thirteen seconds long Baabarr theme, which has nothing much to tell about. The album ends with an unplugged version of Maula ye Bata which sounds more like a musical concert in front of your eyes than a song. Anand Raj Anand undoubtedly deserves praise for this composition.

Overall, with Maula Ye Bata and Pagal Manva, Anand Raj Anand has made a sound base for the album and the other two songs make the album good enough to listen the entire album in one go. A good piece of work. Go for it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tanha (The Unforgettable)

It seems while making Devdas Ismail Darbar had a beautiful song that he did not or could not adjust in the album and now the song is here in some barely known movie called The Unforgettable.

Well, not caring about the movie or its cast, the one thing that is to be remembered is that the song in the movie, Tanha, is a gem that must be listened to. Straight from the genre of Devdas something near Silsila Ye Chahat ka, Tanha rouches you deep in the first time itself. The song is sing by Sunidhi Chauhan and she has proved yet again she has it in her to sing anything.

The only thing I can say about the song is - Go for it.


Tanha na kategi raat aisi hai,
Tanha na kategi raat aisi hai,
Janmon se pyaasi hoon
Janmon se pyaasi hoon..
Ye pyaas kaisi hai...
Tanha na kategi raat aisi hai..

Tan ko jala ragi hai saanson ki garmiyaan.. garmiyaan
Tan ko jala ragi hai saanson ki garmiyaan.. garmiyaan
Koi samet le mujhe baahon ke drmiyaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan
Seene mein sholon ki..
Seene mein sholon ki...
Ik lahar jaisi hai..
Tanha na kategi raat aisi hai...

Khushbhoo ka koi jhonka chhookar guzar gaya guzar gaya
Khushbhoo ka koi jhonka chhookar guzar gaya guzar gaya
Chupke se koi mere dil mein utar gaya
dil mein utar gaya..

Saanson mein sulagti hai, ye aag...
Kaisi hai....
Tanhaa na kategi raat aisi hai...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vaada Raha... I Promise (Toshi-Sharib, Babu Mann, Monty Sharma)

First thing, do nto ask me who is the composer for this album. Two songs by Rahul Seth and Sandy, one by Toshi and Sharib Sabri, one by Monty Sharma, one by Babu Mann and Gourov Dasgupta, and three themes by Sanjay Chowdhary. If you're not lost after this much, I am.

Okay, coming to the point now, there must be something in the album due to which I'm taking the pains to write about such a complex album. Yes, there is. A song by Toshi Sabri, A song sung by Parhiv Gohil and Shail Hada (composed by Monty of course) and a beautiful number by Babu Mann. These are three things for which I'm writing. If you do not want to read ahead, simply go and find the three songs by these guys and enjoy, but if you still want more, go ahead, read the whole thing.

Vaada Raha: The first song of the album is the title song Vaada Raha.. I promise. Composed by new Sabri Brothers Toshi-Sharib and sung by Toshi alone, the song is worth a listening for sure and good chances you will like the song the very first time you hear it. The song is a typical Toshi-Sabri and might remind you of Toshi-Sabri's previous creation for Raaz sequel. The instrument selection and Toshi's voice with the words Vaada Raha may even remind you of Khakee soundtrack but don't worry, the song will pass these all and at the end, you will like the song. Go for it.

Rab na Kare: First of all I'd like to congratulate Babu Mann for one of my friends said that his voice in the song sounds like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan could have been in his younger days. Not a lot, but somewhere in some corner, I felt it was not completely wrong.

Anyway, leaving aside the too-big-compliment, the song is a wonderful composition by Mann and Gourov Dasgupta and Babu Mann has lived up to his reputation in singing this beautiful song. The song has a Sufi touch with lots of newer-age instruments. Listen to the song, I hope you'll like it.

Kubul: The third song of the album is Kubool, sung by Parthiv Gohil, Sharmishtha Chatterjee, and Shail Hada. The song is a composition of Monty Sharma and Monty lives up to expectations in the song as Shail sings the song pretty well. I'm still wondering why is Shail singing for Monty alone, even after Saanwariya. Kubool is again a wonderful song with high notes and almost the end of good things in the album.

Aaj Aasman: The fourth song Aaj Aasman sung by Shaan and Shweta Pandit is a mediocre love song composed by Rahul Seth and Sandy. The lyrics are also given by same people and they also give nothing worth listening.

Rab na Kare (Slow Version): The fifth song is a two minutes long slow version of Babu Mann's Rab Na Kare which is probably used in Background. Good Voice of Mann again. Pass.

Achal Hain Mere Hausle: The sixth song is again a composition by Rahul and Sandy and this one is worse than the Shaan one. The song is barely passable, at least when you listen to it for the first time. The song, which is supposed to be a motivating one, as is clear by its name, Achal hain mere hausle, does not have music that can motivate one at all. Selection of instruments makes things worse. Even Kunal's rarely failing voice doesn't give much positive result. Skipping the song is recommendable.

After that, there are three themes composed by Sanjay Chowdhary. Nothing much worth mentioning there.

Summary: Overall, the album Vaada Raha... I Promise, is an average album with three good songs, two passable numbers and a few themes. Best way is to pick the first three songs and listen to them. Aaj Aasman can be tried too. I do not think the future of movie would be very great with Bobby Deol as the hero, so try to listen to the few songs it has to offer and move ahead.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Music Review: Wake Up Sid (S-E-L, Amit Trivedi)

If you're not yet listening to the title song of Wake up Sid, you need not worry. Not that the song is bad from any angle, just that the song is a typical Shankar Mahadevan song and if you're not a Shankar n S-E-L fan (which I guess everyone is) you're not missing much.

That about the wake up song, I mean the first song of the album. The lyrics of Javed Akhtar are fine though there is no Sapnon se bhare Naina this time. Lines like Ro pado, ya hanso, zindagi mein koi na koi to rang bharo make the song worth listening to.

The second song of the album Kya karoon, sung by Clinton Cerejo doesn't sound very promising in the first few times but should be liked in longer term. The song is soft and the Clinton has sung the beautiful lyrics in a touching voice.

The next song, Aaj Kal Zindagi has Shankar Mahadevan behind the microphone once again. This one is even more beautiful, more Shankar-like and sounds not just high but soothing too. The lyrics are good and Shankar reaches the peak with Tere liye nayi hai zameen naya aasmaan, likh de hawaon pe koi nayi daastaan. Lovable song.

And now comes the surprise of the album. The best song of the album Iktara comes up and this one is NOT a composition of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, but of Amit Trivedi, the big guy who gave the best of this year (at least according to me) Dev D. The song has the beautiful soul touching voice of Kavita Seth who happens to be one of the composers for the movie Yeh Mera India. With Kavita, the supporting voice is of Amitabh Bhattacharya who penned the lyrics for Dev D (and did not sing a single song then). Go for this wonderful song, Goonja sa hai koi iktara iktara.

After one song, the album comes back to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and 'Life is Crazy', another Shankarish song comes up which is sung by Uday Benegal and Shankar himself. The song is good but with all songs of more or less similar kind, the soundtrack looks repetitive.

The last song of the album is a 3 minute 41 seconds long Wake Up Sid Club mix which is not much different from the original number but gives a good listening experience. The fast paced song sounds good with more instruments and faster beats also and one likes the club mix better than an average remixed song.

Overall, the album is good but Shankar Ehsaan Loy have disappointed. At least for their lack of variety in songs if not other reasons. Shankar Mahadevan singing three out of four S-E-L compositions also gives a hint how desperate piece of work the album is. The album maybe liked but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy need to work harder and smarter to maintain their standards. And yes, Well Done Amit Trivedi, again!

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Your Rashee: Music Review

13 songs. Zero remixes/repeats. One new composer. 14 singers. 9 songs sung by the composer himself.

Let's see the album one by one. The first song of the album, Pal Pal, or actually the title track, is a boring song. Start with the second one. **

Here comes the first good song of the album. Jao na is not something superb level, but the song is good and Sohail Sen, the composer and the singer of the song, sounds fresh. ***

The next number, Aaja Lehrate, is an okay dance number sung by Shaan and Bhavya Pandit which is foot tapping and Harman, with his dancing abilities, can make the song go. **1/2

The fourth track of the album finally tells you why Ashutosh Gowarikar chose such a new composer after working with Rahman continuously. The song is almost a Jashn-e-Bahara stuff. One of the best songs of the album. Must listen. ****

With Manunga Manunga, the next number, Actor turned director Ashutosh Gowariker turns into a singer also. The song is average with less than average music in the background. Ashutosh's heavy voice sounds good and the song may be liked for some time. ***

The next song, Sau Janam is a typical traditional slow soft romantic number sung by Madhushree, Sohail Sen, and Udit Narayan. Likable again. ***

Aa le Chal, the seventh song, is a not-too-noticeable song sung by Aslesha Gowariker with Harman Baweja's voice as dialogs in between. **

And here comes the big one. Pyaari Pyaari, the eighth and the best song of the album is such a beautiful romantic number that by the time Sohail Sen starts rendering the third line of the song, one starts humming Pyaari Pyaari too. Alka Yagnik is the female singer for the song and gives a traditional touch to the song. Basically this is the song where one loves Sohail in his composition as well as his voice. Must listen. ****1/2

Number nine, Suu Chhe is kind of a surprise. As must be clear with the title of the song, it has Gujarati words. Not much new about the song but the sounds interesting. **1/2

The next song Salone Kya is a song that has many Hindi words. Well, Hindi here means pure, literal Hindi which is far from our daily language and is found in textbooks and literature. The song is made to sound funny and to some extent it does that. Average again. ***

Dhadkan Dhadkan, sung by Tarannum Malik and Sohail again starts well with Tarannum's voice given some chorus effect. The music is good and even lyrics are fine. Worth listening to. ***

Koi Jaane na is a song with a classical touch. The song is sung by Rajab Ali Bharti and SaReGaMa winner Bela Shende. The song has beautiful lyrics and is well sung. Listen to it if you like songs in classical mode. And yes, for the lyrics. ****

The last song, Chehre jo dekhe hain, is taken up by Sohail again. Though the song is average, since it's the other song that can claim to be the title song of the movie, the song can get publicity and so, be liked too. ***

Overall, What's Your Rashee is an average album with some foot-tapping numbers and a few beautiful pieces of work while most of the songs are average or above average. Still, go for certain songs, like Pyari Pyari, Bikhri Bikhri, and Koi Jaane na.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meri Khamoshi (Toss)

Ho bahana koi dooriyaan na rahen,
Door tum na raho, door hum na rahen..

The lyrics might not read as good but when you hear the song, everything, music, singer, and lyrics sound wonderful. Sandesh Shandilya gives music for this lesser known movie called Toss. And Vijay Prakash, the guy who sang Manmohini in Yuvvraaj, gets a song composed by Shandilya. The lyrics of the song are by Irshaad Kaamil, the guy who gave lyrics for Love Aaj Kal, and I put the song on.

Since then, it's in repeat mode.

Well, first thing, Meri Khamoshi is not a usual song. The song has poetry spoken in between in the way where the lines of song are suddenly spoken instead of being sung. The song is also not a sad/slow song as the title might suggest. Instead, it's a Sandesh Shandilya signature song, just the way you might have heard in Socha na tha. Vijay Prakash sings the song well. The dialog-poetry voice is given by Sandesh himself. Vijay's voice has wonderful modulation in the song and he is quite like Kunal while singing on higher notes.

In short, if you like slightly 'different' type of songs, go for this Khamoshi.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kaminey: Music Review

Vishal Bharadwaj. Gulzar. And a lot of Sukhwinder Singh. The compound product looks like the best in the world, and if Kaminey is not that, you will find some things at least near that. Some things for which we love Gulzar.

The album has total eight songs of which two are remixes and one theme piece. Two songs (and a remix) have Sukhwinder Singh in their credits. All the songs are written by Gulzar, and there is a lot worth the attention, in a good way as well as bad.

The first song, Dhan te nan, which is already quite popular, is probably the best song of the album, or at least you will feel so when you listen to the album for the first time. The song is catchy, sounding something like the old espionage tunes and with quite desi lyrics. Not one for long term, but the voices of Sukhinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani will surely give you have some good time. And yes, the song makes a good ringtone too.

As the trend is going, one song is sung by Mohit Chauhan and here the song happens to be Pehli baar Mohabbat ki hai. The song has some slow, soft music and Mohit renders Gulzar's words perfectly. Vishal's tune is good and sounds better on higher volumes as Mohit goes from low to high notes.

Rekha Bharadaj is back. And this time it's with Sunidhi Chauhan, Suresh Wadkar and even Kunal Ganjawala. And together make a wonderful song called Raat ke Dhai Baje. The song is somewhat like Genda Phool, but there is not much similar except the experimental nature of the song. Don't compare the two and you will like the song. Sunidhi singing with Rekha is good to listen and you need to identify their voices with every changing line. Suresh Wadkar and party sing some deeply beautiful lyrics as he croons Ek hi lat suljhane mein saari raat guzari hai. Seriously, it's Gulzar at his romantic best again.

The next song, Fatak, is sung by Kaikash Kher and Sukhwinder Singh. When I heard them singing I realized I had never heard them sing together. This comes out of the fact that Kailash Kher sounds a bit rough while singing with Sukhwinder. The song is OK and maybe liked in some time. Though the song can be categorixed as OK, you cannot take it as a normal song as the lyrics as well as the music is quite 'hatke'.

The fifth and last song is the one that is my favorite. The Kaminey Title track, sung by the soft-husky voiced composer Vishal Bharadwaj, is a treat except that the lyrics will sound a bit strange to your ears in the beginning. But as one graduates through the song, one falls in love with the song, the singer, composer, and lyricist too. At least I did.

Go Charlie Go, the theme piece is good and will work well in the background.

Overall, the music of Kaminey is good and probably so because of some different elements in it. All the songs of the album are good, at least beyond a certain minimum level, and at various points of time, many people will be loving them. So just go for it and take your pick. Until you decide, keep on listening to Dhan Te Nan!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chor Bazari (Love Aaj Kal)

Rarely does it happen that a song gets popular due to its lyrics, but in the past some time it's happening more often. And most of the times when the lyrics are something 'different'. The same 'different' comes when you listen to Chor Bazari of Love Aaj Kal.

Chor Bazari is sung by Neeraj Sridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan. The song has the same freshness that you see in the trailer of the movie and expect from the movie. The lyrics of the song are interesting, realistic, lovable, and above all, mast. The music is good and foot-tapping, and the lyrics will probably help the song long last.


Chor Bazari do naino ki
Pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi

Pyaar ki jo teri meri
Umr aai thi woh ghat gayi

Duniya ki to fikar kahan thi
Teri bhi ab chinta ghat gayi

Chanda rre
Tu bhi tu hai
Mein bhi mein hoon
Duniya saari dekh ulat gayi
Tu na jaane mein na jaanu
Kaise saaari baat palat gayi

Ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna
Ghat-te ghat-te lo yeh ghat gayi

Chor Bazari do naino ki
Pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi

Tareef teri karna
Tujhe Khone se darna
Haan bhool gaya ab tujhpe din mein char dafa marna

Tareef teri karna
Tujhe Khone se darna
Haan bhool gaya ab tujhpe din mein char dafa marna

Pyaar khumari utari saari
Baaton ki badli bhi chhat gayi

Hum se main pe aaye aise
Mujhko to mein hi mein kat gayi

EK hue the do se dono
Dono ki abb raahein kat gayi

Ab koi fikr nahi
Gham ka bhi zikr nahi
Haan hota hoon main jis raste pe
Aaye khushi wahin

Aazad hoon main tujhse
Aazad hai tu mujhse
Haan jo jee chahe
Jaise chahe karle raaj yahin

Laaj sharm ki chhoti moti jo thi dori
Woh bhi kat gayi
Chauk chaubare gali mohalle
Khol ke main saare ghoonghat gayi

Tu na badli mein na badla
Dilli sari dekh badal gayi

Ek minute mein duniya dari ki
saari samajh nikal gayi

Haan Rang biranga pani pi ke
Seedhi saadhi kudi begad gayi

Dekh ke mujhko hasta gaata
Sad gai yeh duniya sad gayi

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Khudaya ve (Salim Merchant: Luck)

If you listen to the soundtrack of Luck, there is only one song that attracts attention. And you almost fall in love with the song. The song is slow, soft, a bit sad and very much lovable in the very first listening. The lyrics are good and so is singing.

Listen to the first line, and if you haven't read the credits, for once you're going to think if it's Mohit Chauhan behind the microphone. But then, it's not. And it's not some new singer either. Khudaya ve, the best song of Luck, is sung by Salim Merchant, the guy who has given his voice mostly as background or in a group of singers. So after Wajid, count Salim in too. In fact I hope he may sing more songs in future, especially after the success of Marjawa (Fashion) and Khudaya ve, it looks almost certain.


[ Khudaya Ve... haye
Ishq Hai Kaisa Yeh Ajeeb Re ] - 2
Dil Ke Qareeb Laya
Dil Ka Naseeb Re...
Dil Ke Qareeb Laya
Dil Ka Naseeb Re
[ Khudaya Ve... haye
Ishq Hai Kaisa Yeh Ajeeb Re ] – 2

[ Ankhon Se Khwaab Roothe
Apnon Ke Sath Chhoote
Tapti Hui Raahon Mein
Pairon Ke Chhale Phoote ] - 2
Pyase Tadap Rahe Hain
Sahil Qareeb Re
Pyase Tadap Rahe Hain
Sahil Qareeb Re
[ Khudaya Ve... haye
Ishq Hai Kaisa Yeh Ajeeb Re ] - 2

[ Aansoo Namak Se Lage
Rishte Hain Kachche Dhaage
Ret Pe Apne Saaye
Khud Se Kyun Door Se Bhaage ] - 2
Kheench Ke Hum Ko Laya
Kahaan Pe Raqeeb Re
Kheench Ke Hum Ko Laya
Kahaan Pe Raqeeb Re
[ Khudaya Ve... haye
Ishq Hai Kaisa Ye Ajeeb Re ] - 2

Luck: Music Review (3/5)

Salim Sulaiman is a pair of composers who possess the power of giving any type of music, from the best, most addictive songs to the worst, utterly waste songs. And here in Luck, they have shown this immense power on both sides of scale.

For a nine track album with five original songs, Salim Sulaiman have roped in NINE singers in all. And still, the best song is sung by Salim Merchant alone. Ironic, but true.

Well, to start with the first song, we can be sure of one thing. Sukhwinder Singh is a wonderful singer, but you cannot give him just anything and expect the song to be great by itself. Aazma Luck Aazma, the first song of the song by Sukhwinder Singh and Satya Hinduja is just a mediocre song which may sound good for a time on high volume but it's neither catching enough to be loved the first time you listen to it, nor good enough to last long.

The second song, Khudaya ve is something that gives hope but later you come to know that it's the only song of that level in the entire album. The song is sung by Salim Merchant himself and he dons the singer's hat also with something near perfection. In fact, at times Salim may remind you of Mohit Chauhan too. Believe me, singing is no more a stable career now, if it ever was. The lyrics of Shabbir Ahmed are good and the song is something sounds something like a 90's melody with a deep influence from Fashion. Slow, soft, romantic, bit sad, and pretty much lovable.

The third song, Jee le, is one of the very few songs Shruti Pathak has sung. Shruti has Payaliya (Dev D) and Marjaava to her credits and sings this song pretty well too. The other singer, Naresh is just OK. Overall, the song has some beautiful beats and the voice of Shruti Pathak that make it worth listening.

After Shruti Pathak, the next song is sung by actress, model, singer Kamal Hassan's daughter Shruti Hassan. It's interesting how I could identify the voice only after listening to a song or two of her on her website. Shruti definitely has a good voice and can go a long way, though same is not sure about the song. The song, though in Hindi, sounds more like English numbers (and in between, IS in English) so cannot say how many people would like the song. Try this one for yourself. I hope you won't be disappointed.

The last song, Lagaa le by Anushka Manchanda looks like quite useless. No idea why the song is put in, except that it might be used in the background.

Overall, album looks just average with One good song and two average song. Not much to look for, but Khudaya ve is a must listen. Go for the song.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love Aaj Kal: Music Review (3.5/5)

It's simple. Love Aaj Kal looks like it's going to be a hit. And so does the music of the movie. On the very first listening, you get to know that you're going to love the songs and they're gonna be all over the FM. Well, why waste time then, start with the review. Shall we?

Love Aaj Kal, composed by Pritam, is an album where Pritam has left almost no stone unturned (except Atif) and half the album goes to Neeraj Sridhar. But, the results are not as could as one might have expected. Still, the album is worth listening to.

The album has seven tracks and three of them are remixed, to give a total of ten songs. Out of seven, Neeraj Sridhar gets to sing 3 songs and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, KK and Mohit Chauhan get one song each. Sunidhi gets one solo number while sings one with Neeraj. And Jazzy B is there in one song with Neeraj.

The first song opens up with Jazzy B singing in a style that is less like himself and more like some 90's singer. Soon, when Neeraj comes in, you feel that Jazzy B takes in some freshness and the song probably wouldn't be as good if it had been Neeraj alone. In fact, I get a feeling like Neeraj is being used too much and if he keeps on singing the same type of songs, people may get bored of him soon.

The second song, Ajj Din Chadheya is some typical Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, with some new touches, that resemble more 'Teri ore' than his old numbers. The song, slow, and with not much experiments, is quite soothing. The lyrics of Irshad Kamil are good. No doubt, the song is one of the best in the album.

Chor Bazari is again sung by Neeraj Sridhar, and Sunidhi Chauhan. The song has the same freshness that you see in the trailer of the movie and expect from the movie. The lyrics of the song are interesting, realistic, lovable, and above all, mast. The music is good and foot-tapping, and the lyrics will probably help the song long last. Go for this one.

KK is one of the singers who must be looked out for in an album. Here too, with just one song, KK again makes his presence felt as he sings 'main wo hoon jo chahun wo paaun'. The song sounds like a stage performance and is one of the best songs of the album, beating most except one by Rahat.

The next number, the only 'female only' song, is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, and is mixed with folk music, with chorus sounding like from a 'mahila sangeet' of North India. As always, Sunidhi has sung the song well and though I don't know how Imtiyaz and Saif plan to promote the song, I hope it can go well if promoted well.

The next on the soundtrack is what you have been listening during the theatrical trailer of the movie. Twist, the song that starts with the ever-so-popular 'Nagin' tune, almost runs on the same tune half the way and the tune keeps coming back. The song is sung mainly by Neeraj Sridhar and he's the only person with the credits but it seems Saif also has done his share of singing and the female voie is uncredited too. The song is not big for separate listening but it'll be great for backgrounds. And surely for baraats.

The last song, Ye Dooriyaan sung by Mohit Chauhan, is a good number too, but at some points it seems like Pritam is trying to make another Tum se hi rather than a new song, especially in the start. The song is slow and Mohit Chauhan, like always, sings it well. And the song should gain popularity, though not as much as Tum se hi.

Overall, the album is good and some of the songs can be expected to top the charts soon. Go for it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No new releases! What to listen?

It's been more than a month that there are no new Hindi movies releasing. And since there are no movies releasing, there are no new songs either. So, what should one listen to? Here are some good options.

Oldies: The best time to listen to oldies. Not that there is a bad time for that, but now there is no new, Old is certainly gold. Put on your favorite Kishore Kumar and Mukesh and Rafi and Lata songs and have a wonderful time.

That 90's Magic again: Remember that Chhupana bhi nahi aata of Vinod Rathod? Remember the great music of Saajan and Aashiqui? Pardes and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Sandese aate hain and Are re are? There is a whole decade to relive in those 90's songs.

Deewana, Jaan, Yaad: This one is for die hard Sonu Nigam fans. But I know that this huge community can never be fed up of these three albums. Play these 30 something songs in album order or random, and press the repeat button of your player.

Pop: From Alisha's Made in India to Amanat Ali's Kohram, there is a lot, lot to be heard which is sung by Indian as well as Pakistani singers/bands. In these private albums, not only there are hundreds of popular songs but also as many unknown songs which couldn't even reach general public.

Here are a few recommendations. Mostly for songs which have gone unheard by most. Try to find these songs and listen to them. I hope you will like them.

Door Kahin (Nine): Pankaj Awasthi
Khaireyaan de naal (Tabeer): Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
Tauba Tauba (Iss dil se): Sukhwinder Singh
Rain bhai kaari/Maajhi (Humsafar): KK
Kaise Jiye Hain Hum & Nostalgia Mix (Maheru): Jojo
Jugnuon se bhar le (Huqa Pani): Ali Zafar
Har Jagah mein (Tu hi mere rab ki tarah hai): Mithoon
Aise Jaagi Re (Sona): Sona

Besides these songs, Shafqat Amanat Ali's Tabeer is an album which may be new for many people. And since the songs are really good, if you haven't heard, go for Tabeer. Also, Amanat's Kohram has some good songs. I hope you'd like them too.

For more, keep visiting. You may also contact me at musicalized [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quiz! Who composed that tune?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quiz: Who sang that Hindi Song?