Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Review: Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan)

Fitoor is not Mohit Chauhan the superhit singer who gives a hit everytime he sings. It's Mohit Chauhan the artist who wants to share the art he knows. One who sings for himself. If you like him in this way, it's good. If you do not, almost every movie has a Mohit Chauhan song, the hit one, anyway.

One thing worth noticing about the album is that Mohit has not only sung the songs but he has even composed and written all the songs of the album. Now that is a one man show for which he must be applauded. Brave guy Mohit.

Fitoor: The opening song. Opens well but gets lost somewhere in between and the song remains just OK. Mohit has tried to keep the song off the typical Mukhda-antara way and tried some changes. But the result doesn't give something exceptional. Still, feels worth listening after listening a few times.

Challeya: Challeya is a good composition and a good song overall. The song is well written and well sung. The good quality of sound mixing is also visible in the song. Go for this one.

Sajna: Sajna is an offbeat song with hints of typical Mohit Chauhan at the beginning and end of the song. You may like it after listening to the song for a few times. Good one.

Musafir: Musafir is a love song which sounds somewhat like a song of 90's with Mohit Chauhan's voice added. Likeable. Even lovable.

Uff ye Nazara: Uff ye nazara is another love song that is just ok. Nothing big in this one.

Meri Tarah: Reminds you of Silk Route's Boondein just with the music and even the instruments used. A slow, deeply poetic, somewhat nostalgic number that you might like to sit down and listen to, while free. Good one again.

Mai ni meriye: Mai ni meriye is a song that is not typical Khadi-boli hindi but has a Pahadi touch to it. The soft, slow song is based on the places of the hill areas of Uttarakhand. Must hear if you have a connection with the area. Anyways a good song, though language may prove a barrier for some.

Jeene De: Some fast, some slow, some high and some low. They can make a superb song, but in Jeene de, the mix does not sound right and probably that is the reason the song is just ok. Also, the song becomes a bit preachy at times.

Main hoon badal: The name sounds good, and so does the song. Though tere liye jaan de dunga is not a line that sounds very poetic, the song is well composed and sounds ok the way Mohit has sung it. In fact it's better than ok. Worth listening, or trying at least. Just give the song its time.

Babaji: The last song of the album, Babaji, is a different, experimented, and I'd say contemporary song. For the first time it sounds a bit strange, but later on when you're a bit used to the tone, you might like the song. Good one according to me.

One thing that becomes clear almost from the start of the album is that Fitoor is not a thing many people might look for. But it's something that will be liked by people who like to go a bit deeper. so beware if you are just thinking of buying the album keeping in mind the superhits of Mohit Chauhan. You may be disappointed, even shocked.

On the whole, the album is good though. It may be like the albums of Lucky Ali with a separate fan base. In fact the album is closest to those of Lucky Ali if anyone. But then, Mohit Chauhan is no way a Lucky Ali. My say is, if you like to experiment with your choices, go for it. It may be something good for your collection. Whatever the album be, it's not a use and throw thing. But a horse for longer races.

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