Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten reasons NOT to watch What's Your Rashee (IF u need)

1. Do not watch the movie if u listen to ur elders. All critics said NO.
2. Don't watch it if u r a true Gandhian and do not want to see bad, hear bad and speak bad too. Once u watch the movie, all three are bound to happen. U'll see and hear bad, and ultimately speak bad about the movie.
3. Because your family needs that money more than Gowariker. He has earned a lot from his good ones.
4. Because your friends always want a treat. At least wasting money on treat will make u good for sometime.
5. Do NOT watch the movie if you're a Hritik fan and cannot see anybody copying him badly.
6. Because it's the Docomo age. Every second is worth something. 3 hrs and 17 minutes certainly are.
7. If you are a die hard Ashutosh Gowariker fan. And want to stay that way.
8. Because there is still hope. Hope that Wake Up Sid, coming next week, will be better than this. Amen.
9. Because we do not want Ashutosh to think that he again made a blockbuster and fight everyone. Every ticket contributes towards making a film blockbuster.
10. So that you remain sane and healthy, and your family happy.

I hope this post doesn't reach Ashutosh Gowariker. Don't want the big man's fury.

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