Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten reasons to watch What's Your Rashee

If you are thinking of watching the big movie, (ya it's big. three hours and 17 minutes, with 13 songs in there) and are still not able to find your reasons, try finding some here.

1. Watch it if you do not remember what the twelve Rashees are. This will be easier than reading Linda Goodman.
2. Watch it if you want to see 12 completely different hair styles on the same girl and save money from 11 other movies.
3. Watch it if you were planning to do a research on Gujjus of Mumbai.
4. Watch it if you still think Ashutosh Gowariker cannot make a bad movie and all critics are idiots. U must be punished then.
5. Watch it to sleep without pills. Right before the movie starts is the best time. Anytime, though, is good enough.
5. Watch it if your girlfriend is bugging you for a movie. You can have some time out of theatres after this.
6. Watch it for the 12 times Priyanka comes on screen to show the name of the next zodiac.
7. Watch it if you're a Hritik fan so bad that you can watch even his duplicate playing the hero.
8. Watch it for "Hamari koi Shakha nahi hai."
9. Watch it if you're still thinking of watching the movie.
10. Watch it because... if... for... Can't get more. Exhausted.

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