Friday, September 25, 2009

The Failed Challenge: What's Your Rashee

Ashutosh Gowariker has been a man of challenges. The big guy who made a movie on Cricket in India and still made it work has been on a mission challenge ever since his first biggie Lagaan as a director. And Challenge after challenge he even proved himself. But finally, finally, here comes something that fails. At least fails to reach the standards Ashutosh Gowariker has set for himself.

His first movie as a director, Lagaan was a hit. A huge one. Which was a big deal considering movies on Cricket hardly work, be it a recent Hadippa, Stumped, Victory or Hat Trick. But since Aamir Khan's presence didn't let Ashutosh take all the credit and Aamir got more that equitable share.

Then Ashutosh went for another challenge, that of making with both Shahrukh Khan and a good story, something that rarely happens and probably has been done by only Shimit Amin better than Gowariker, with Chak De India.

Winner of the challenge, Ashutosh put himself to an even bigger challenge. Of making a period film. If I had doubted the success of Swades, I was sure of Jodhaa Akbar's flop fate. But Ashutosh proved me wrong when he dragged Indians into cinema halls for a three-hour-plus movie on Akbar and Jodha Bai.

And then, he announced a comedy.

The guy who could not bear with Sajid Khan on an award show stage, had decided to make a comedy. The guy who was so serious with his movies that he could not keep himself shut and blurted out how some other actress could win an award against his movie's actress, was going to make a comedy. I had to declare another flop, irrespective of the number of challenges Ashutosh had won for himself. And he did it. He finally lost a challenge. Even from the most optimistic angle, What's your raashee is not a movie that matches the standard of Ashutosh's last three movies.

Although, in parts I like the movie and Priyanka Chopra has been simply fabulous in many roles, say most roles, there is not much in the movie other than that. Harman Baweja could have lived a much better life had he entered the film industry 7-8 years before he did. I see Hritik Roshan in almost every action of Harman. Just like Sehwag.

Also, Darshan Zariwala is great. Anjan Srivastava doesn't get much to do in the movie, and Gujju acts of the movie are well-performed. Music is mostly okay to good and goes divine in Bikhri-Bikhri si zulfein hain kyun. Well done Sohail Sen for that.

Now, we hope that the big guy with an academy nomination learns something from this experience too and gets us something new and good again. So What's Your Next Challenge, Mr Gowariker?

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