Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Review: Baabarr (Anand Raj Anand)

Anand Raj Anand can once in a while compose good and now that he has been out of the seen for quite some time, he has given some good music for Baabarr. Interestingly, Baabarr is an album that almost completely belongs to Anand as he has not only composed all the songs, he has even sung one wonderful song and written all the songs for the movie.

Baabarr has just four songs and one remix, along with one Baabarr theme, and has almost every song above a certain level.

Maula Ye Bata: The first song of the album, Maula Ye Bata, is a good song and since it is on TV for some time now, it's already gaining popularity. The song reminds me of Kabhi Aayaton mein Padha tujhe from Dus Kahaniyaan, probably because the song is of similar style and Anand has sung both the songs himself. The lyrics of the song are good. Also, at the end, the song is given a deep Sufi touch that makes the song all the more interesting and beautiful. Full marks to Anand Raj Anand for this one.

Baabarr: The next song, the title Baabarr, is sung by Sukhwinder Singh. The song is one that praises the hero of the movie, Baabarr, something like Omkara title song (Sukhwinder again). The song initially looks like a mediocre number but after listening to it once or twice, it sounds good on high volume. Sukhwinder of course has his effect on the song. Not bad.

Baje Raat ke Baarah: As is probably clear with the name, Baje Raat ke Baarah is a dance song in Desi style. The song is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and some all-of-them-are-same lyrics but the song sounds good as the music as well as singing is done pretty well.

Pagal Manva: The fourth and the final song, Pagal Manva is sung by classical singer Raka Mukherjee. The song, which has a classical touch, is a beautiful composition with good lyrics and Raka has sung it really well. Also, Anand has used more instruments at times than one would use in a normal classical song. A full marks song again.

After the four songs, there is a two minutes and thirteen seconds long Baabarr theme, which has nothing much to tell about. The album ends with an unplugged version of Maula ye Bata which sounds more like a musical concert in front of your eyes than a song. Anand Raj Anand undoubtedly deserves praise for this composition.

Overall, with Maula Ye Bata and Pagal Manva, Anand Raj Anand has made a sound base for the album and the other two songs make the album good enough to listen the entire album in one go. A good piece of work. Go for it.

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