Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Review: Radio (Himesh Reshammiya)

Himesh Reshammiya is here again. With his new movie: Radio - Love on Air. In a new voice. Yes, the CD cover claims 'New Voice' above the song list.

Well, the album has 12 songs out of which (only) 3 are remixes. Even though Himesh has sung all the songs himself, in his 'new' voice, he has kept himself in control on many things, remixes one of them.

Mann ka Radio: The album starts with Mann ka Radio which is a song that you'll probably end up loving if you don't decide NOT to listen to Himesh at any cost. Because this catchy but not-that-Himesh-ish song is going to be a hit on FM and television. Himesh has sung the song with nasal effects though there is some hint of that in higher notes. Listen to it for a few times and you'll be humming the song.

Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio: This one is something Bhangda-like, while Himesh has tried a Rajasthani/Hariyanvi touch. The lyrics of the song have words from the vocabulary of today's youth. Not one for long run, but the song is catchy again and should work in short term.

Janeman: OK. Himesh said new voice. But this song is more. The song sounds different right from the first word Himesh croons. The song might have been a blockbuster had Sonu Nigam sung it but then, a non-nasal Himesh doesn't sound THAT bad and the quality of music makes the song worth listening. On a serious note, Janeman is a good, soft, romantic number that one would like. Shreya Ghoshal is the female voice in the song and that gives a freshness to the album. Listen to the song when you're free and can lend your ears to some melody.

Piya Jaise Laddu Motichoor Wale: Well, I saw the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and I knew that the song was good. The song is a slow, soft, subtly romantic song where Himesh has given space to Rekha and she does take the song ahead on her own. You may need to hear the song five times to love it but the song is definitely one for long race. Special addition: Shehnai in the start.

Go for the song. Recommended.

Koi na Koi Chahe: Another romantic, slow, but relatively higher notes' song. Himesh has sung the song mainly himself in the beginning and Shreya has not been given very much to sing in the song, but later on she gets a fair share of things. One good thing good about the song is that it uses very less instruments in the background and you actually get to listen to the song more than instruments.

Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasmaan: Well, this is one DUET where you have one Shreya Ghoshal and one Himesh Reshammiya. While Shreya starts the song with her soft, soothing voice, Himesh comes up in between and sings some high notes. This keeps on going alternately for some time and then the period of both singers increases. The whole setting looks good and I like the song. Had Shreya not been there and if Himesh got the entire song for himself, probably this one would be something like his earlier songs but Himesh has used Shreya's voice well to create a good, balanced song.

Damadji Angana hain Padhare: One might be surprised reading Kailash Kher's name in credits but when one reads the title of the song, it suddenly looks easier to understand. The song is sung by both Kailash and Himesh and sounds like a mixing of two completely different songs. While Kailash's part is completely traditional, with Dhols and all, Himesh in his part sounds something like he did in Dhoom Tere Ishq ki (Karzzz). A good experiment. Try the song, you might like it.

Shaam Ho Chali Hai: Okay. This album is for soft, romantic songs with Shreya Ghoshal. One problem with Himesh Reshammiya's songs earlier used to be that they all sound same, even if they're not the same. I guess the problem may surface again as all songs sound soft and romantic this time. Anyway, coming back to the songs, this one also sounds good though Jaaneman looks better in a cursory glance.

Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahi Jaaye: Rafa Dafa is the last original song of the album and lasts less than three minutes. The song sounds like it's being played on an orchestra we once used to see in North Indian weddings, largely because of the drums being played in the background. The beats even remind me of Nadeem Shravan's early days. Interestingly, Himesh's voice in this song, to me, felt like... Innocent. Strange song, feels like a 90's number to me. I'm falling in love with this one. The only trouble with the song is that it ends abruptly.

The three remixes in the album are that of the bhangda song - Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio, the first track - Mann ka Radio, and Rekha's Piya Jaise Laddu Motichoor Wale. Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio is a Bhangda-type song and it's remix had to be there. Mann ka Radio remix has been added with various effects and sounds OK too. About Piya Jaise Laadoo, all I can say is that a good song, if not tempered with badly, gives an OK remix and the same happens with the song. Basically, once again remixes have been added for the addition but unlike before, this time we have only three of them.

Overall, the album does bring a new Himesh Rehsammiya, and it does sound good and refreshing. But I doubt if this Himesh Reshammiya could ever be as popular as the Aashiq Banaya Aapne Himesh once was. Still, the good thing is that he is here and minus the uber-repetition he had created earlier. Listen to him if you're a Himesh fan and give it a try if you're not. At least it is worth that. Mann ka Radio bajne de zaraa...

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