Saturday, September 19, 2009

Music Review: London Dreams (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy)

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have always been my favorites. But they disappointed me badly with Wake Up Sid when I found that the only song I liked in the album was composed by Amit Trivedi, coming in as guest composer. But with London Dreams, they are back. At least from the level they had gone to with Wake Up Sid.

The most troubling part of the album, though, is that after Tum Mile, even London Dreams doesn't have a female voice in the eight songs. Pritam could do this, but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy going for only male voices may be a cause of concern. Here is the song by song review.

Barso Yaaron: The album starts with Barso Yaaron that is sung by Vishal Dadlani and Roop Kumar Rathod. Well, No doubt the combination is a strange one, and the fact that Roop Kumar Rathod's voice is shown as part of a Rock Concert is even more interesting. But then, Rathod is one person who does everything to perfection and he is great here too. A good song, where you get to hear the fastest-ever Hanuman Chalisa too. Something that reminds you the composer was the guy behind (and in front of) Breathless.

Man ko Ati Bhavey: The second song of the album, Man ko ati bhavey saiyyan is an interesting one again. The song, sung by Shankar Manadevan, is majorly in rich Hindi words and is supported by eunuch like voices. The song has some interesting lyrics by Prasoon Joshi which are almost perfectly in Hindi except certain places like 'Utsav manata hai saara chaman' where he doesn't get a Hindi word and is tempted to use an Urdu one. In short, lyrics, Shankar, and supporting voices make the fast paced song interesting.

Tapkey Masti: The third song of the album is Tapkey Masti sung by newcomer Feroz Khan. The song is high pitched and has a slight Punjabi flavor that reminds me of 'Mast Kalandar' of Heyy Babyy. Still, the song sounds ok and the new guy Feroz Khan passes the test.

Khanabadosh: The fourth song of the album, Khanabadosh, that can be counted as the title song too, is an okay one. The song has some good lyrics and the music is catchy sort, but one cannot expect the song to long last. The song has many supporting singers, the cover credits only one, Mohan.

Khwaab Jo: The fifth song finally gives one some break and one gets to hear a singing-and-not-running Shankar, along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song has some fine music and wonderful lyrics with two genius guys singing together and they make up for everything that is missing in the song. Listen to Rahat and Shankar singing together and no big deal if you get stuck here only.

Yaari Bina: If there's one song in the album I would recommend with Khwaab jo, probably better than Khwaab jo, it's here. Roop Kumar Rathod and Milind make a hit right from the start of the song when they render Duniya bhaad mein jaaye. The song is slow, fast, medium, classical, Punjabi style, and so much more. Oh, Roop Kumar Rathod reminds me of Machis this time. A complete classic. Go for it.

Jashn hai Jeet Ka: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy bring in another lesser known guy for a beautiful song. Not a huge hit, but the song is definitely one I'd recommend if you're a sucker for a bit deep songs. First thing, I love the lyrics of the song. It reminds me of Shakespearean classics as the singer claims himself to be the King of the world, says he doesn't believe his old friends, and is celebrating his victory. Well done Mr Joshi.

Shola Shola: Eighth song of the album starts with a well known voice of Zubeen Garg, the Ya Ali guy in case you don't remember. The song is an anybody-can-make-it type just fine composition that is good for running in the background. Zubeen has sung the song in his typical way and there is hardly anything new about that. Still, the song has potential of running in a relay race and if other songs go fine, the song won't disappoint and will go with the other songs.

Overall, London Dreams is an average album but Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have shown their work in some places like Khwaab jo and Yaari Bina. The album has some masti type songs too and has its share of rock also.

I'd suggest listening to Khwaab Jo, Yaari Bina, Barson Yaaron. If you're one for masti, add Man ko ati bhaave, and if you want deeper things, add Jashn hai jeet ka to your list. Find your picks and album will be good for you.

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