Saturday, June 27, 2009

Luck: Music Review (3/5)

Salim Sulaiman is a pair of composers who possess the power of giving any type of music, from the best, most addictive songs to the worst, utterly waste songs. And here in Luck, they have shown this immense power on both sides of scale.

For a nine track album with five original songs, Salim Sulaiman have roped in NINE singers in all. And still, the best song is sung by Salim Merchant alone. Ironic, but true.

Well, to start with the first song, we can be sure of one thing. Sukhwinder Singh is a wonderful singer, but you cannot give him just anything and expect the song to be great by itself. Aazma Luck Aazma, the first song of the song by Sukhwinder Singh and Satya Hinduja is just a mediocre song which may sound good for a time on high volume but it's neither catching enough to be loved the first time you listen to it, nor good enough to last long.

The second song, Khudaya ve is something that gives hope but later you come to know that it's the only song of that level in the entire album. The song is sung by Salim Merchant himself and he dons the singer's hat also with something near perfection. In fact, at times Salim may remind you of Mohit Chauhan too. Believe me, singing is no more a stable career now, if it ever was. The lyrics of Shabbir Ahmed are good and the song is something sounds something like a 90's melody with a deep influence from Fashion. Slow, soft, romantic, bit sad, and pretty much lovable.

The third song, Jee le, is one of the very few songs Shruti Pathak has sung. Shruti has Payaliya (Dev D) and Marjaava to her credits and sings this song pretty well too. The other singer, Naresh is just OK. Overall, the song has some beautiful beats and the voice of Shruti Pathak that make it worth listening.

After Shruti Pathak, the next song is sung by actress, model, singer Kamal Hassan's daughter Shruti Hassan. It's interesting how I could identify the voice only after listening to a song or two of her on her website. Shruti definitely has a good voice and can go a long way, though same is not sure about the song. The song, though in Hindi, sounds more like English numbers (and in between, IS in English) so cannot say how many people would like the song. Try this one for yourself. I hope you won't be disappointed.

The last song, Lagaa le by Anushka Manchanda looks like quite useless. No idea why the song is put in, except that it might be used in the background.

Overall, album looks just average with One good song and two average song. Not much to look for, but Khudaya ve is a must listen. Go for the song.

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