Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vaada Raha... I Promise (Toshi-Sharib, Babu Mann, Monty Sharma)

First thing, do nto ask me who is the composer for this album. Two songs by Rahul Seth and Sandy, one by Toshi and Sharib Sabri, one by Monty Sharma, one by Babu Mann and Gourov Dasgupta, and three themes by Sanjay Chowdhary. If you're not lost after this much, I am.

Okay, coming to the point now, there must be something in the album due to which I'm taking the pains to write about such a complex album. Yes, there is. A song by Toshi Sabri, A song sung by Parhiv Gohil and Shail Hada (composed by Monty of course) and a beautiful number by Babu Mann. These are three things for which I'm writing. If you do not want to read ahead, simply go and find the three songs by these guys and enjoy, but if you still want more, go ahead, read the whole thing.

Vaada Raha: The first song of the album is the title song Vaada Raha.. I promise. Composed by new Sabri Brothers Toshi-Sharib and sung by Toshi alone, the song is worth a listening for sure and good chances you will like the song the very first time you hear it. The song is a typical Toshi-Sabri and might remind you of Toshi-Sabri's previous creation for Raaz sequel. The instrument selection and Toshi's voice with the words Vaada Raha may even remind you of Khakee soundtrack but don't worry, the song will pass these all and at the end, you will like the song. Go for it.

Rab na Kare: First of all I'd like to congratulate Babu Mann for one of my friends said that his voice in the song sounds like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan could have been in his younger days. Not a lot, but somewhere in some corner, I felt it was not completely wrong.

Anyway, leaving aside the too-big-compliment, the song is a wonderful composition by Mann and Gourov Dasgupta and Babu Mann has lived up to his reputation in singing this beautiful song. The song has a Sufi touch with lots of newer-age instruments. Listen to the song, I hope you'll like it.

Kubul: The third song of the album is Kubool, sung by Parthiv Gohil, Sharmishtha Chatterjee, and Shail Hada. The song is a composition of Monty Sharma and Monty lives up to expectations in the song as Shail sings the song pretty well. I'm still wondering why is Shail singing for Monty alone, even after Saanwariya. Kubool is again a wonderful song with high notes and almost the end of good things in the album.

Aaj Aasman: The fourth song Aaj Aasman sung by Shaan and Shweta Pandit is a mediocre love song composed by Rahul Seth and Sandy. The lyrics are also given by same people and they also give nothing worth listening.

Rab na Kare (Slow Version): The fifth song is a two minutes long slow version of Babu Mann's Rab Na Kare which is probably used in Background. Good Voice of Mann again. Pass.

Achal Hain Mere Hausle: The sixth song is again a composition by Rahul and Sandy and this one is worse than the Shaan one. The song is barely passable, at least when you listen to it for the first time. The song, which is supposed to be a motivating one, as is clear by its name, Achal hain mere hausle, does not have music that can motivate one at all. Selection of instruments makes things worse. Even Kunal's rarely failing voice doesn't give much positive result. Skipping the song is recommendable.

After that, there are three themes composed by Sanjay Chowdhary. Nothing much worth mentioning there.

Summary: Overall, the album Vaada Raha... I Promise, is an average album with three good songs, two passable numbers and a few themes. Best way is to pick the first three songs and listen to them. Aaj Aasman can be tried too. I do not think the future of movie would be very great with Bobby Deol as the hero, so try to listen to the few songs it has to offer and move ahead.

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