Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Review: Tum Mile (Pritam)

Tracks: 9
Songs: 5
Versions: 8
Instrumentals: 1
Composer: Pritam
Singers: Javed Ali, KK, Mohit Chauhan, Neeraj Shridhar, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
Best ones: Dil Ibadat, Tu hi Haqeeqat, Tum Mile Love Reprise
Verdict: Good

Tum Mile: One song. Three versions. Probably Pritam could not decide how will the song look best and put three versions of the song in the album. The album opens with this song in Neeraj Shridhar's voice. With Neeraj the song sounds like a typcial song of his and becomes a foot-tapping number that will rule the charts for a few months and then forgot.

But then, the same song is given to Javed Ali and you get 'Love Reprise'. This time, the song almost completely changes even though you know it's the same. This version is lighter, definitely better and relatively long lasting.

And then you have Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan singing a rock version for the song. For once you may not find much in this version after listening to the first two. But separated from the other two, the rock version also scores. My pick, though, is Javed Ali's Love Reprise version.

Dil Ibadat: A lovable track sung by KK. The song also has a Rock Version that is again sung by him. The compostion is good and lyrics, though usual, at some points are superb. Overall the song is a good one, of must listen category. Go for it, select which version you like better. Normal one for me.

Is Jahan mein: Mohit Chauhan is not made for 'fast' songs. Not that he can't sing them well or something, but he's so good with slow-soft-romantic numbers (and even not so romantic ones, remember Khoon Chala) that giving him a fast one is not generally a very good use of the depth in his voice. Iss Jahan mein has something like that only. Is jahan mein is a good song but if you start listening after seeing Mohit Chauhan's name, you may be disappointed. Okay song.

Tu Hi Haqeeqat: Khwaab tu, dariya tu hi, pyaas tu, tu hi dil ki beqarari, tu sukoon, tu sukoon... With good lyrics like these and slow, beautiful music, the USP of tu hi haqeeqat is Javed Ali. Javed Ali has sung the song in such a soulful voice that makes it worth listening. Tu Humsafar, Tu humkadam, Tu humnava mera.. Listen to this one just for Javed Ali.

O Meri Jaan: Yet another song by KK. This one is a sad number, though not a typical sad song we're familiar with, but a rock kind of song that one is expected to like in a long time, and then, the song stays. A good song, but only for those who have the patience as you will probably not like the song instantly. Try it anyway.

Overall, tum mile is a good album and in times when A R Rahman's Blue has not been able to deliver much, Pritam gives some songs somewhat beyond expectation. Credit to Pritam, but more credit to KK and Javed Ali.

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