Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hastey Hastey music review

Seems like Anu Malik is in full mood to compensate for his long absence. After Anamika and Woodstock Villa, it's Hastey Hastey that is again having the name of Anu Malik as its composer within a matter of weeks. Though the movie doesn't boast of many big names, at least it adds to the works of Mr. Malik.

The album has six songs, plus one sad version, and four more versions of two songs, making it a total eleven songs.

Songs are sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawalla, Shaan, Zubin Garg, and Mr. Producer, Shiv Ram Kumar too. Sunidhi has given voice to a hopping 7 tracks out of 11 and is the only female singer in the album, something that has become a rare sight nowadays.

Sameer's lyrics are Sameer's lyrics and nothing more than that. So don't expect any quality lyrics, it's just time pass material in that department.

The album starts with Sunidhi Chauhan's song 'Hum Hain Tum Ho', which reminds of the old music of Anu Malik and the song gives a 5-10 year old feel, something like those of Ishq-Vishk with a few added beats. But that doesn't mean you may not like it. Even though the song feels a bit old, it's just fine.

The second song, 'New Age Mantra', sung by Sunidhi again with Kunal, is quite different, and I feel that the song has some potential to move high in popularity charts and can be a hit.

Number three, the title song happy version is something to be happy about as the music is beautiful, but the producer-cum-singer Mr. Shiv Ram Kumar doesn't seem to realize that if the song were given voice of Shaan, Sonu Nigam or some good singer like that, it might have been a much better song. Sunidhi is as good as in any other song and overall, the song is not bad.

There is a sad version of the song too in which the producer singer is comparatively much better and though he's not much in tune, he tries to show a glimpse of Kishore Kumar in his voice, and somewhere in the process tries too hard for that, almost losing the song completely.

Next song 'Al Madad Chere Khuda Mera Yaar' is a typical Zubin Garg song and goes on the same lines as 'Ya Ali' or 'Jeena Kya Tere Bina'. (by the way, if u haven't heard, that's a good number too, from Kya Love Story Hai)

Next, 'Bheegi Bheegi Teri Zulfen' is another well sung by Kunal Ganjawalla, like always. The high pitch he-he-ho-ho start tells you that you can expect a typical Kunal song here too. Though this one does not reminds of some specific song at least.

The song 'rock the world' by Shaan is fine too. And even though there are hardly words other than 'it's our world' and 'we will rock you, we will shock you' found in the song, the song can pull itself off to high in music charts.

Anyways, it seems that Anu Malik has researched the market well in past some time and now knows what sells (read Pritam). Many of the songs remind of many popular songs of recent past.

To summarize, the album is yet another okay-type album with a few good songs which u can look forward to. Especially 'Al madad' and 'bheegi bheegi' are the best of the album which most of the people will like.

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