Saturday, May 24, 2008

De Taali: Music Review

De Taali is the next movie for Vishal Shekhar with above average music from the duo. The album has 8 songs out of which 6 are original and two are remixes.

'Everybody put your hands together', the starter of the new Vishal Shekhar album is a groove style song whose music style can be guessed to some extent by its lyrics and Anushka's voice brings some flavor of Golmaal. A beaty dance number which doesn't have much new to it.

The second song, De taali is again in a similar kind of mood. This song too has voices of Shaan and Sunidhi like the first but not of Anushka. Though Shaan seems a bit different in both the songs.

The third one, Aaj main boond hoon, is a pretty song, well sung by Shreya Ghoshal in her typical beautiful voice. It's a slow number with a little light music in the background. Interestingly, Shekhar jumps in to sing a few lines, which brings in more of curiosity than beauty, though Shekhar has sung his lines good.

Fourth song, Hone Lagi is probably a new type for Anushka Manchanda who has mostly sung fast track songs in the movies yet. Hone Lagi is another light romantic song sung beautifully. Shekhar has supported this song too with a few lines in the mid of the song.

Fifth songs brings in Saregamapa runner up Raja Hasan with a song suiting his voice. The song, Maari Teetri has a folk touch to it with added beats and Raja can have a popular song to his credit as the song has good potential of running on dance floors.

The sixth song, Tooti Phooti, sung by Shaan, KK and Sunidhi, is not going to be an instant hit but we can expect to be liked a lot after a few listening as the song has a good-slow-song feel to it.

Seventh song is a remix of Anusha's Hone Lagi which seems to be just remixed for the sake of it and hardly has any stuff in it. The song has fast beats in the background and the song can only be liked in loud volume.

Last song of the album, De taali remix is better mixed but doesn't have anything special.

Still, the album has a few good songs like aaj main boond hoon and even other songs are above average making the album overall an above average album and worth listening. Though, with Yash Raj's Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and Rehman composed Jaane tu ya jaane na out at the same time, the album may have to struggle for space.

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