Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music Review: Mission Istanbul

Mission Istanbul has a number of composers giving music for various tracks. The album starts with an average song, 'World hold on world hold on' in the voices of Kunal Ganjawalla, Gayatri Ganjawalla, and Raaj. The most striking feature of the song is the start it is given as it describes the setting of the movie to a good extent. After that there is hardly anything in the song except for the voice of Kunal who keeps the song lively.

The second number is 'Mission Mission', supposedly the title song. The song starts with a good note but it's probably the lack of experience of the composer Chirantan Bhatt due to which the song fails to make a great impact, at least in the first few hearings.

The third song is 'Jo Gumshuda' a treat from Anu Malik. No doubt when Anu gives music for a few songs in an album, it's good. Sometimes great. Here is an example of the same. Filled up with an interesting prelude and background voices according to settings of movie, it's a typical bollywood hit number in the voices of Shaan and Mahalaxmi.

As a bonus, the video of the song is good too, at least on one side of the screen. I case you haven't yet seen, go grab it at your favorite music channel.

The fourth song 'Nobody like you' is a brand Neeraj song. Neeraj Shridhar has been pretty good with his previous songs and here too he has left his mark on the song while singing with Anoushka. The song can be an instant hit once the video is there on music channels.

'Yaara Mere Dildara', the fifth song in the album, is something to look forward to. The song seems to be well set with the movie as the music has a touch of desert. The voice of Javed Ali suits the sufi song well. Sunidhi is good as always.

'Apun ke Sath' of Mika is a catchy semi-rap song and can be expected to run well as background with a fast paced movie.

The remix of 'Jo Gumshuda' is an album filler which is neither bad nor has something special to it. The remix of 'Nobody like you' is comparatively better mixed, which is likely from the past record of Neeraj Shridhar.

The last one, remix of 'World hold on', seems to be experimented a bit too much while remixed. But it all goes well with the voice of Kunal.

In short, it's average. Not bad, but not up to the expectations and hype of the movie. Still, as the music seems to have the same soul as that of the movie, the songs should catch up well with the movie, especially if the movie goes well.

So let's wait and see. Till then we can listen to the few good songs of the movie, especially Jo Gumshuda and Yaara Mere Dildara.

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