Friday, July 4, 2008

And the Winner is...

It's not the results of filmfare or national awards, or any other awards for that matter. The question was, who will be the winner of this July 4th. And the results are out now. Well, almost.

The reviews of the two movies, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Love Story 2050 are not much surprising. Not for me at least. The bottom line goes as, Jaane Tu.. is worth a watch but Love Story 2050 goes only on the shoulders of VFX n all. Though, expectably again, Harman Baweja is considered to be a lambi-race-ka-ghoda by most.

The result of the two movies' battle can be well understood by seeing the verdicts given by the front running reviewers. For example, Taran Adarsh has called Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na a breezy entertainer which will be loved by its target audience, whereas Love Story 2050 review ends with 'Disappointing!' as he finds the movie 'rests on a thin plot'.

Indiatimes says that 'JTYJN definitely deserves a watch... and not just for Imran' whereas it claims Harman would certainly need some luck.

Also, the reviewers have once again made it clear that AR Rehman's music in Jaane Tu.. has given it a certain edge over its rival which seems to have relied too much over technology.

Now, the final verdict will be given by the public. Let's see what the public says. Because 'Public sab jaanti hai.'

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