Monday, July 7, 2008

Bachna ae Haseeno: music review

Bollywood didn't see much good happening during the first half of this year. But the second half seems to be bringing a lot many promising things right from the first Saturday of July. After Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Kismat Konnection and Singh is Kinng, it's Siddharth Anand's Bachna Ae Haseeno starring Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu and Minissha Lamba from which bollywood is expecting a lot.

Interestingly, there is a lot of variety in the music of these movies too. Where Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na primarily had romantic music with an AR Rehman touch, Kismat Konnection has mostly dance numbers in hip-hop style. Singh is Kinng has a lot of Punjabi flavor attached to it, and now Vishal Shekhar has brought Bachna ae Haseeno that has a number of flavors in it.

The album has 7 songs, one of them being Bachna ae Hasino from Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin, the Rishi Kapoor flick. Except that there are 5 songs and one remix.

The album starts with a romantic number Khuda Jaane that has started showing on TV channels already. The song starts off on slow notes with KK and Shilpa Rao both taking turns until KK picks up a beautiful higher note with Khuda Jaane ke.. The song is a bit too slow but KK keeps the momentum and the song gives a good feel. The lyrics are good too but Shilpa Rao's voice doesn't fit very well with Deepika Padukone.

The second song 'lucky boy' starts with voice of Raja Hasan giving a desi feeling to the song. But then with Sunidhi Chauhan coming in, the entire feel of the song changes into a slow dance number with beats that suit high volume. The song goes on pretty regularly with Raja Hassan coming in at times and with not many surprises.

'Ahista Ahista', the third song starts with a music that make you expect a good song, somewhat of the sort that Pritam is making in plenty. After almost a minute, Shreya starts singing a not-so-typical-of-her song which, although it doesn't go very high, is not of the type of songs we generally hear her sing. Lucky Ali certainly gives the song his flavor and his alaaps of o..o.. in the duet may remind you of Khuda Hafiz from Yuva.

The fourth song 'Jogi mahi' gives you a surprise with its first line itself when you listen to Shekhar singing the beautiful lines 'Suno ik thi Kaanch ki Gudiya, Suno ik thi pyaar ki pudiya' and then really sings a significant portion of a song probably for the first time. Later Sukhwinder Singh sings along but Shekhar doesn't leave the song unlike his earlier songs and his presence is felt through the song. Voice of Himani Kapoor, who is found towards the end of the song, is good too. Shekhar and Sukhwinder singing together give the song a good end.

If Shekhar Ravjiani singing was a surprise, get ready for a bigger one this time. Shankar Mahadevan, who is a full time composer now, sings to the tunes of Vishal and Shekhar for the next song 'small town girl', and the song is a small pretty woman and also has lyrics in Hindi, English and some Punjabi too. The song has the potential to make people dance to it but will take some time. Hope Ranbir gives a good show of dance in the video, which can make the song a chartbuster.

The originals end here and the sixth and seventh songs of the album are a remix and a mix respectively. Number six is a remix of Khuda Jaane which goes pretty fast compared to the original version. Vishal Shekhar have performed a few good experiments on the song too and the results are good too.

The final song of the album is 'Bachna ae Haseeno' of Hum Kisise Kam Nahin in a version mixed by Vishal Shekhar, resulting in a song that bears the credits 'Kishore Kumar, Sumit Kumar, and Vishal Dadlani', something like Deepika Padukone dancing with Sunil Dutt in Om Shanti Om. This is important to say here that the song has been mixed well and the beauty of old voice remains as in original song. Sumit Kumar has filled in for his father's voice well in places.

To summarize, Bachna ae Haseeno has a good soundtrack which will be getting pace slowly, as opposed to those of Pritam that are getting instant success. Keep listening to the songs on TV and other media and by the release you'll be humming them. That's Vishal-Shekhar for you.

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