Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arjun Rampal: Second and Loved

Arjun Rampal: Enjoying second placesArjun Rampal could never find a place in Bollywood, even after having a few good movies to his credit, like Gaurang Doshi's Aankhen. But now, Arjun is having a second lead in most of his movies, and is being loved more than he was as a solo hero.

The best example of this case was Rock On!!, where Arjun was loved by one and all. Even though Farhan Akhtar was the lead of the band and the movie too, Arjun Rampal got his presence felt throughout. In fact, people said it was his best ever performance.

Rock On!! was hardly out of people's minds when Last Lear hit the theaters. And today, every critic is busy praising Big B and Arjun for their performances in the movie. Yet again, this is not a solo lead performance by the model-turned-actor, but Arjun is getting more and more praise.

Last year also Arjun had been good in Om Shanti Om where he played the so-called villain of the movie. It seems it was OSO where Arjun got a kick start. Well, whatever it is that kicked start him, we just wish he goes better every time.

Good Luck Joe! Keep Rocking.

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