Monday, September 15, 2008

Hari Puttar: Home Alone?

If you thought Hari Puttar is the desi version of Harry Potter, you are wrong. But there is something that is right, Hari Puttar seems to be INSPIRED by Home Alone series. The movie seems to be quite inspired from the source, be it the story or the scenes, as I could find scenes from Home Alone in the promos itself.

The movie has been set in a desi environment and subsequent changes are there but the level at which copying is done, I have doubts whether the director will be able to make the movie worth watching for Hindi-only viewers, leave alone those who watch English movies. Though I must admit Zain Khan is looking good in the movie, I don't think he looks much like a ten-year old as claimed by the movie.

In fact, after seeing the promo, I am once again thinking if we really lack subjects for children's movies, because except occasional good ones from a few people like Vishal Bhardwaj (Makdi, Blue Umbrella) or Sangeeth Sivan (Halo), we don't have much to give to our children, and when something comes, it turns out to be 'Inspired' from a Hollywood movie.

Anyways, I hope the movie makes a good watch for Children at least.

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