Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome Mr Moitra

Welcome to Sajjanpur. I had no idea this movie could have songs that would make me dance instantly or songs featuring distinct artists like Mohit Chauhan and Madhushree. In short, the music of Welcome to Sajjanpur has quite unexpected things attached to it. Now we shall see how GOOD it is.

The keyword to the music of Welcome to Sajjanpur is 'Sitaram'. I guess you can buy the CD to keep on listening to this one song. A fast track semi-bhajan, something like Hare Krishna Hare Ram of Bhool Bhulaiya, which has the potential of making people dance. The song is there in two versions, normal and remix, and both the versions are too good to miss.

Now let's talk about the rest of Album. Rest of Welcome to Sajjanpur is nothing as good as the first song, but not bad either.

I guess time for duets is over now. The second track, Ek meetha dard De ke would have been better without a female voice. Maybe this is so because of 'different' male voices today, like that of Mohit Chauhan and Atif. Mohit has always been better singing alone. Still, the song is fine and may be liked by those loving soft romantic tones.

Number three, Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Hawayen, is again a soft romantic song, but this one leaves no impact on the first few listens at least. Though a few notes are good, and may be liked after sometime, the song has a few flaws like mismatching lyrics, with words from a village dialects and at the same time Urdu ones too.

Fourth song 'Dildara' is Sunidhi in her typical mood. With the lyrics of the song, one can guess it to be an attempt at making another Beedi, but a little difference. And the difference remains, though the song is worth listening. A fine song in Sonu and Sunidhi's voice.

I guess that's all about songs in Sajjanpur. The next one, Aadmi Aazad hai is something like Salaam Kijiye of Aandhi. It's a satirical song on the condition of Indian democracy, probably pictured on Yashpal Sharma in the movie. Good lyrics that one might like in the movie, but won't help the album otherwise.

And then comes Munni ki Baari, another song which is somehow similar. I think u can guess all about the song as it's all sung in a Eunuch's voice.

And, the end comes in as the remix version of Sitaram Sitaram. For this one, Shantanu Moitra deserves an applause as the remix is not one of those lost-in-the-remixes'-crowd. It's worth listening to.

Fonal verdict is that Welcome to Sajjanpur is an album which has got a few very good songs, or at least song, and overall the effect is not bad. In case you don't mind buying album for one good song, you can bet on this one. The keyword is 'Sitaram'.

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