Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pop-Up: Door Kahin (Nine)

Hi. This is my first Pop-Up. Here I'll try to tell you about pop songs which are generally lost in the crowd of big names, trying to get you the songs you might have missed. Just try them.

The song I'm going to talk about today is 'Door Kahin..' from Pankaj Awasthi's album 'Nine'. Pankaj Awasthi, though unknown to most, is a good singer and composer. Pankaj gave the music for the movie Anwar with Mithoon and is now composing for Tera Kya Hoga Johnny. He even sings for other composers sometimes.

The song 'Door kahin..' starts with some street sounds and from within the voices, Pankaj starts rendering slowly, 'Door kahin le chalo tum mujhko, nahin chahiye ye duniya, sath le chalo unko haan unko, wo jo samjhen dooriyaan haan dooriyaan', and while starting on a low note, he enters quite high pitch in the first few lines itself.

Though the music of the song is simple and without much humdrum, the singing has done it's work really well and you can feel the song deep inside. The song is a bit experimental, especially with a few lines changing their places in paragraphs, but I still suppose that most listeners of not-so-experimental music will also like it.

In short, if you crave for more music, it's a must try song and if you like this one, keep seeing this space.

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