Friday, December 26, 2008

Song by Song: Bandaa Re (Raaz - The Mystery Continues)

Will 'Raaz - The mystery continues', that is, Raaz 2 in short, be a hit as the original one or not is yet to be seen. But there is one important area where Raaz 2 scores almost as much as Raaz did. And that is it's music. Raaz 2 has total eight tracks with five original songs and three remixes. Maahi, Soniyo, Kaisa ye raaz hai and O jaana, which I've already reviewed, make a great album but now comes the song that makes it different from other albums, that is, the mystery/thriller element of the album, Bandaa re.

Original Raaz had a great soundtrack but the 'different' element, Yahan pe sab shanti shanti hai, wasn't something very good. Here, Bandaa re scores much above Shanti-Shanti and actually gives some feeling of a thriller.

Bandaa re is Gaurav Dasgupta's only composition for the movie and is sung by Krishna. The song is basically a typical horror/thriller background song, something like the saam-daam-dand-bhed of Sarkaar which runs in background when Abhishek takes his revenge, but this one has been made well enough to be listened in general too.

The song starts with the 'sambhavami yuge yuge' shloka from Mahabharata in some distant sounding voices, something that makes up a favorable ambience for the song. The lyrics of the song are quite good from the start itself. In the song, God is supposed to be talking to a devotee saying He stays with the devotee only and he need not search for Him anywhere outside himself. See the starting lines of the song.

Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande, main to tere pass mein,
Na teerath mein, na moorat mein, na ekaant nivaas mein,
Na mandir mein na masjid mein, na kaabe kailash mein,
Main to tere paas mein bande, main to tere paas mein..

Though the song is neither expected to be a hit, nor has some superb music, yet I quite liked the song just for the lyrics.

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