Sunday, December 21, 2008

Song by song: kaisa ye raaz hai (raaz - the mystery continues)

KK is undoubtedly the king of soft rock today. And when it comes to emraan hashmi movies, it goes without saying that a KK song is made to be a hit. Now that the song is the title of raaz-the mystery continues, i only can tell u what type the song is. More than that is hardly required. And so, here is my little review of the song.

Well, kaisa ye raaz hai is a typical soft rock that is generally found in Emraan hashmi movies. The song has music composed by a newcomer pranay and the singing job is well done by KK. Kaisa ye raaz is a slow song and hence may take a few listenings before you get addicted to the song. But there is no doubt that today or after one month, you'll be loving this song and probably humming it somewhere. Though, one question which still remains is how KK and Emraan hashmi always give us such great songs.

Kaisa ye raaz hai..
Jo ki khulta nahi..

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