Monday, December 29, 2008

Song by Song: Sapnon se Bhare Naina (Luck By Chance)

Bagiya bagiya baalak bhaage
Titli phir bhi haath na laage
Iss pagle ko kaun bataye
Dhoond raha hai jo tu jag mein
Koi jo paaye to mann mein hi paaye...

With the very opening lines, Sapnon se Bhare Naina makes it clear that it's going to be a wonderful experience to listen to the song. Shankar Mahadevan sings this song beautifully, as he always does, but my Kudos to Javed Akhtar first for writing a song with great depths.

Sapnon se Bhare Naina starts slow but keeps on changing its pace to faster modes and overall, doesn't sound like a slow song at all. Shankar sings in slow voices, fast speeds, high pitches, alaaps, almost every way that could be accommodated well in the song and makes it very lively.

As far as lyrics are concerned, it's one of the best songs I've heard in past sometime. The song tells how one who is ambitious cannot become content. And though, it might sound a bit out of place in today's fast moving world, the song bears a lot of truth according to me. As mod to aaye, chhaanv na aaye shows the truth of many lives today. 

The lines I liked the best in the song are the ones where the song says that getting desired comforts and being content are two different things, though the difference is generally ignored. The lines go as follows.

Jaise ki din se rain alag hain
Sukh hain alag aur chain alag hain
Par jo ye dekhen wo nain alag hain
Chain to hai apna, sukh hain paraye..

In short, I loved the song. Just get it and try to appreciate the song. I guess you would love it too.

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