Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tu hi mere rab ki tarah hai (Mithoon)

When I went to my college last week, I noticed that everybody was seeing Rab somewhere or the other and Rab was pretty popular. Probably that's the reason Mithoon named his album on a song's second line.

But that's the only thing that is not classy about the album. Or at least the title song. Rest of the song is as good as Mithoon always gives.

Tu hi mere rab ki tarah hai is a typical song of Mithoon, a bit slow, with lots of background and surround music and the same touch as found in 'The Train' songs.

The first song, tu hi mere rab ki tarah hai, or tu hi mera sara jahan hai, as the first line goes, starts with Shilpa Rao (my guess) rendering the first two lines on a high note, with Mithoon mouthing 'Tu hi mera' twice in a surround sound mode just after that and then following up with his typical soothing, Rahman-sort-of voice.

Mithoon's music is great as always. Though he doesn't sing in some new type or genre, the song is as good as it could be, being in the same genre. In the mid of the song, the main musical instrument becomes Tabla and toward the end, the song gets into a completely different mode with the instruments changing to give a lounge feeling.

Mithoon's singing of his genre hardly needs a discussion. It's the same soothing voice zindagi ne zindagi bhar gham diye and sounds quite like that of Rahman when the latter sings his slow songs.

Lyrics of the song are, if not exceptional, not bad from any angle. Though the words tu hi mere rab ki tarah hai feel like cashing the popularity of 'Rab', there is nothing to suggest that the song is low quality or something. If you are a mithoon fan, go for the song. If not, try it at least.

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