Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hi. This is my blog on music. I have always been a music freak and so a song distributor, playlist maker and song advisor.

But when my friends and acquaintances started asking me which songs I would recommend to them, I felt my choice was important for people and finally I have decided to give it out.

So if u want to know about music, music from Hindi movies and albums to be precise, and some movies too, you are invited to be musicalised too. I won't be providing gossips, or even songs and wallpapers here. All you get here is advice. You can find the songs on your own or ask me where to find them. I shall be happy to help.

No more wait. Get musicalised.

Today's song: 'Zara sa' (Jannat)

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  • Sanket said...

    Stumbled onto your blog through a google search for the instrument used at the end of Rehna Tu from Delhi 6 and now after few hours, have read each and every post. This is a great blog and a very unique one. Keep up the good work!