Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tashan mein

Tashan. One of the expected hits of the year. Even with a debutant director who is not a hero at least even though he is pretty famous among behind the screen people.

I was really excited about the movie and wanted to get the songs as early as possible. Finally in the end of March I got the songs and after two days I was completely Tashan mein. Hats off to Vishal Shekhar again.

The title song of the movie, Tashan mein, was a great experience. Vishal and Salim singing semi rock and semi sufi were simply superb. I could listen to the song in a repeat mode for hours. And I did.

The next number that caught my attention was 'Dil Dance Maare'. The made-to-be-hit lyrics are going to play a big part with the completely danceable music of the song. A must listen.

'Dil Haara' is a good and a kinda untraditional number in the voice of Sukhwinder. But the song is surely not bad.

'Chhaliya', again is a good song rendered by Sunidhi and has been given kinda effect by voices in the start. I expect it to be a hit with Kareena Kapoor's dance.

Then comes 'Falak Tak', the Udit Narayan style song sung by Udit himself. :)

Falak Tak is a typical romantic type with a light feeling associated with it. Kinda Jatin-Lalit way.

The album also has the actors' voices called 'Pooja Ka Tashan', 'Jimmy Ka Tashan', 'Bachchan Pande Ka Tashan' and 'Bhaiyyaji Ka Tashan' which maybe popular based on movie's success. But anyhow, the album is pretty good with Falak Tak, Dil Dance Maare. End of the day, you are bound to be Tashan mein.

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