Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A movie out of nowhere. I just picked up the songs cause it was Kailash Kher in a new outfit. As a music composer for a movie, with a duo called Paresh and Naresh. And finally, it paid, at least something.

The movie has four songs including a 'Tandav' from Pt Birju Maharaj.

Of the other, the first song 'Sach na batana' is a good listening experience. We get a whole new Kailash Kher when the song starts as such a hip-hop music could hardly be expected from him. But then comes his high-pitched voice, a lot like Subhanallah of Chand Sifarish, and then the song unfolds itself with beautiful lyrics and a soothingly falling music.

The song has an Udit Narayan version which again is pretty good. But interestingly, surprisingly or shockingly, it has a complete hip-hop remix version too, which I suppose, cannot come out of Kailash Kher and must be the work of the remaining two guys.

The second song, Bikhar gayi, is another thing to be discussed. It's a female song and has the lyrics like 'main janani hoon, main devi hoon'. But the song in the female voice almost disappoints, at least when compared to the Kailash Kher's version.

The third song 'Sakhiyaan' seems to be having a touch of 'Dola re dola' from Devdas, especially due to more than one female voices and similar type of instruments.

And this one is not sung by Kailash Kher. :)

The Tandav of Pt Birju Maharaj must be good if you are a student of classical music, which I am not, so couldn't review it.

In short, a somehow surprising album, containing a truly surprising song. You won't feel bad downloading it for free, though it's not worth buying really as other songs are not that good.

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