Friday, April 18, 2008

U me aur hummm....

Tu meri khamoshiyon ka, saaz hai
Teri lafzon mein meri aawaaz hai
Raaz ye sabhi hum tum,
Jaan lein abhi hum tum.

Teri aasoo ki ladi,
Meri aankhon se bahe
Har khushi chhoti badi,
tere hoton pe rahe,

O chal yun jeeyein,
Sau, gham bhi ho gar,
aankh nam bhi ho par,
Dil, dil hi rahe,
Milke saare khwaab jeeyein
Milke sabhi bharam
U me aur hum?

These are the lines I love the most while I listen to U me aur hum. But the lines weren't there in the movie. Still, I loved the movie.

Though it wasn't as such a perfect sort of movie, neither can we compare Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan at their debuts, yet I'd say it was a great effort from the actor.

In fact after seeing the movie U may feel that he has learnt making movies pretty fast as u can feel how good the second half of the movie is, compared to first one.

The best part of the movie: Kajol. Second best being the title song, especially by Vishal.

Worst: A few extra songs.

And the credit goes to: Ajay Devgan. Very much for making such a fine movie especially after losing it in the start.

Unnoticed credits: Monty Sharma, for a good background score. And lacs of SMS addicts, for dialogs.

My opinion: Worth a watch. Will be all the more good if u have a remote with the first half. But if u r a Kajol fan, u can watch it anyways.

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