Saturday, April 26, 2008


Ever had the cheap namkeen at the thela in a corner in the market? It has a lot of spice there, with not much substance, surely nothing for your health, and while you reach the end of the packet, there's so much of spice only that it gets unbearable. Though, some people like it a lot.

I think Tashan resembles that namkeen very much. Even though the cover resembles that of Haldiram's or Bikanerwala.

The director Vijay Krishna Acharya has put every spice in the movie, and until you reach the extremely spicy end of it, the movie is bearable, and at times interesting.

Well, with Tashan, Hindi cinema gets a Rajnikant of its own, at least in terms of action. As Bachchan Pande aka Akshay Kumar fights and beats up some 10-12 black cat commandos and takes a pole off the earth (inspired by Sunny Deol of course) Kanpur gets a star for the place as Saif claims he should be either dangerous (Anil Kapoor in background) or clever (Kareena in background) or Kanpuriya (Akshay in background) after the fight sequence.

The bikini clad Kareena in Chhaliya attracts like anything for sure and even other songs are a pretty much on the good side. Though not very well placed in the movie, the songs are well placed as far as locations of the world are concerned. The cinematography is wonderful and so is the background score.

Kareena has acted just fine. Saif hasn't got much except Kareena and Anil seems to be overpowering Sanjay Dutt playing a successful don for the second time, after welcome. The entry of Akshay Kumar in the movie promises a new era but it turns out to be fake as the movie gets into too much of Rajnikant-sunny deol-and more action and the end sequence removes any good flavor the movie had given you.

In all, Tashan is all good in the first half if you do not use your mind and just bearable on the start of second half, but in the end it gets to your nerves.

Still, with all odds, it must be kept in mind that a good movie and a hit have no connection and Tashan is all set to prove that yet again as I hope it will be a hit even with all the action and reaction. And at the end it will be Vijay Krishna Acharya singing Tashan mein.

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