Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But Pappu Can't Dance!!

Aamir Uncle's nephew Imran Khan's debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is still awaiting its release which is scheduled for 4th July, the same day when Love Story 2050 will be released, which will be introducing Harman Baweja, son of Harry Baweja.

But both the heroes have already got huge fan followings. At least this is what India's most popular* networking site Orkut is saying.

Now the question is who is the leader.

Any guesses?

Typing Imran on Orkut's search box tells us that the newcomer has a community in his name and the strength of the community is almost 19k, ten days to the release. In fact the guy has first four communities dedicated to him and the member count of the fourth one is 1k. Then only comes Imran Hashmi who has his highest community at 797.

Well, the intersting fact is that Imran has hardly been seen talking by Indian public and it's mostly the songs and promos, and maybe cricket matches where people have seen him.

And now comes Harman Baweja's stats. Well, a community that talks about 'Harman Baweja - Love Story 2050' boasts of 30,000+ members.

And this is not all, there are three communities of Harman Baweja's 'fans' with strengths of more than 16k, 14k and 9k.

Actually, these are stats which have surprised me. After seeing the stats I'm confused thinking what will be the outcome of Friday the 4th as previously I was thinking of Jaane Tu.. as a clear winner seeing the elements attached, especially Rehman's music, which is wonderful in the movie. But now it seems that with the number of Harman Baweja fans out there, it is impossible to guess the final result.

By the way, the main difference in the two heroes is that Imran is mainly popular due to his looks (till date) but Harman is popular for his Hritik like looks, body and Hritik style dance.

And probably that's where Imran is lagging behind.

After all, Pappu can't dance saala!

* : My Own Rating!!

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