Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kismat Konnection: music review

If it was Life in a Metro in 2007, it is Kismat Konnection in 2008.

Yes, Pritam has once again come up with one of the best albums of the year. The difference is of the theme, and the similarity is that every song of the album rocks. And I think everyone is going to love this one too.

Neeraj Shridhar has rocked us with his Kismat Konnection ho jaye. Atif has entered our hearts with Bakhuda tumhi ho. And now, it's Mohit Chauhan with asking 'Is this love'.

Overall, the album has 5 songs in 11 avatars. And everyone is lovable. In every avatar.

First talk about Kismat Konnection ho jaaye. I don't think I need to review the song as it has been viewed enough already on TV. The remix of the song is good too and is going to be on the dance floors for a long long time. The song in its remix version shows the Hare Krishna Hare Rama touch more than in original.

Next comes Bakhuda tumhi ho. Bakhuda yehi hai. This is the song. Atif has sung a duet probably for the first time in a movie and the voice of Alka Yagnik comes as a little surprise towards the end of the song. The song has been well supported by Alka as she hasn't been given the high 'Atif-pitch' lines of the song.

The remix version starts well too, with Atif's Alaap and the female background voices rendering 'Tumhi Lamhaton mein' running simultaneously. The song picks height slowly and Atif again rocks.

Hardkaur and Akriti Kakkar are two names which have be in many chartbustersin recent past. The next song 'Move Your Body', sung by Shaan, Suhail, hardpour and Akriti is a dance member that comes in as a the third song of the album. Though there is not a lot that is new in the music, the song is almost sure to be a hit with the lines, 'Saade Naal Karle Party, Kudi tu Lagti hai naughty.'

The song is in three versions but only the remix is where you find some significant difference as the other too versions only differ in voices in a song where voices are suppressed under musical instruments. The remix too is fine with more of English rap lines in between the Hindi-Punjabi lyrics.

And then comes another duet from another band leader, Mohit Chauhan, 'Is this love'. The song starts with the ever-so-sweet voice of Shreya and Mohit comes in after a little music and gets into the rhythm of the beautiful love song in a superb way. Looks like the making of another hit from him after Tum se hi of Jab we met.

The remix version of the song is made well too, with Shreya coming in later this time, almost in the mid of song.

Soniye Ve Soniye is the last song of the album sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan. The mood of the song is clear by the lyrics of the song. The Punjabi-Hindi dance number is a try to cash the success of Nagada of Jab we Met and it seems the song will be a hit too.

Punjabi-Hindi songs are always good to remix and Soniye Ve Soniye has been no exception. The song is well remixed and the dhol touch is lessened to give a more groovy effect and the final result is good again.

In short, Kismat Konnection is something we were expecting for. It's a great album with a number of hip-hop-and-hit songs. Two songs are already hit and I expect the others to be hit as well. The only question that now exists is how will the movie be. But however it be, Kismat Konnection the album is worth a buy.

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