Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thodi Life Thoda Magic Music Review

In one word, it's Old. And it's not gold at least. With its music, Thodi Life Thoda Magic seems to be a movie of '90s. Even with some good tracks in the movie, it seems like the movie is behind its time.

The movie, which has its name conflicts unresolved with Kunal Kohli's Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic got it music launched by Amitabh Bachchan. The album has 5 tracks plus 2 remixes and a sad version, making the count go eight.

The first song, 'Thoda sa Gham Ho, Thodi Khushi Ho' starts with a music that may remind you of '60s or '70s, but once Sonu Nigam comes in with his typical soft touch, the song turns out to be a good soothing number.

The lyrics of the song are good too. And probably for the reason that the song is good, the composer Vinay Tiwari has tried to cash the song with both a remix and a sad version. The remixed version of the song starts off with some hope generating music and the final result is not very bad either. Even though the lyrics hardly match the pace of the song, the song is not bad for an age where every song reaches the dance floors with a remix version.

At almost 9 and a half minutes, the least that can be said about the sad version of the song is that it's too long. And before the song runs one fourth of its length, you realize it can only be good for background music, preferably in a saas-bahu serial. The great voice of Sonu doesn't help the song very much.

'Zindagi Zindagi Kaisi Hai Tu Paheli', the second song of the album runs for one minute and 18 seconds even with a dialog from Jackie Shroff. Though the song is not bad, it's hardly more than the length of a TV promo. Seems to be a late addition in the movie.

The third song of the album is again a slow number starting in the beautiful voice of Shreya Ghoshal. The song is very good from the point of 1990-95 era but the song will prove good in today's age is doubtful. The song has voices of Sonu Nigam and Vinay himself too.

'Tune Kahi Aur Maine Maani' of Kailash Kher is a typical sufi number and looks just like any Kailash Kher songs as long as instruments don't come into picture. But as they do, the song seems to be from Kachche Dhaage age, ten year old Sufi songs' era. In any case, Kailash Kher hasn't lost his touch to music and one can feel Kailash in the song.

The remix version of the song is comparatively an experimented with and the result is pretty good, at least comparatively.

The last original track of the album 'Maana Ye Aaj Humne' is again a song suitable for '90s. The song is sung by Shaan, Vijay and Swati. Well, the last two names are quite unknown to me too, probably not even winners of some show. Still, the singers have done a not-bad job.

Overall, Thodi Life Thoda Magic would have surely been a hit had it been released ten years ago. But for now, there are too many questions as the album looks stale. Still, some people may like it. Try it once if you still like to listen to '90s songs.

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