Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ugly aur Pagli Music Preview

Ugly aur Pagli is different. But the difference which is seen in our dear old Anu Malik is something striking. In this latest album of his, Anu has roped in singers that are almost all relatively new and there is only one song featuring Shaan and Sunidhi. In fact Anu himself has appeared in only one song.

The album boasts of singers like Ishq Bector, Anushka Manchandani, Vasundhara Das, Mohit Chauhan, HardKaur and even Mika.

The album has five songs and two remixes. First song 'Talli' has already hit the TV and is quite likeable and expected too as it matches the 'doesn't-know-when-to-stop' character of Mallika shown in the first promo. The song has voices of HardKaur, Mika and Anmol Malik and has been also remixed later in the album.

The song Karle Gunaah is sung by Ishq Bector and Anushka and hence will be a fast paced song. Karle Gunaah also has a remix in the album.

The lyricist Amitabh Varma makes things clear with the lyrics of 'Shut up! Aa Nachle'. The song is sung by Vasundhara Das with Anu Malik and also has a new voice of Dibyendu Mukerji.

The song I am personally expecting the most from is 'Yaad Teri Aaye' sung by Mohit Chauhan (now of Tum se hi fame, previously the lead singer of Silk Route). Interestingly, this will be the first song of the choosey singer after Tum se hi. Before Tum se hi, 'Guncha Koi' (Main. Meri patni aur Woh) and Khoon Chala (Rang De Basanti) have been appreciated well among the few songs sung by Mohit for Hindi movies.

The only song with singers of typical 'love songs' is Yeh Nazar which is given to Shaan and Sunidhi and seeing the recent record of Shaan, the song can be expected to be good and maybe even great.

Overall, Ugly and Pagli looks like a promising album with not very long time commitments. The music looks as-long-lasting-as-the-movie type with probably one or two songs (mentioned at the end) having the capability of running for considerable time.

What is inside will be known only when the music is out. So keep waiting for the review and keep listening to the 'Talli' Mallika on your TV sets.

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