Sunday, November 23, 2008

Song by Song: music review, Lattu (Ghajini)

May be Aamir Khan's greatness is proved once again by his Ghajini, but AR Rehman's greatness is already proven again. After Jodhaa Akbar, Jaane tu ya jaane na, Ada and Yuvvraaj, he is out there once again with Ghajini. While, in the meantime he created music for SlumDog Millionaire too, a movie mentioned in two articles of 23rd November's ToI edit page. And still, quantity hasn't affected quality of Rehman's music.

I have already written about Guzarish from Ghajini and now it's Lattu that is on a roll. With Lattu, Shreya Ghoshal seems to excel in a completely different area of music than she is a master of. Truly speaking, I didn't think it could be Shreya and kept wondering who-is-the-singer until I came to know who it was.

Lattu is a dance number, almost yet another Pappu, even though it's completely a new song. The song starts with some strange voices and then Shreya gets into a fast tune almost with the first note. The song has typical background sounds and vocals as Rehman puts in every dance number. Just like dirigidi-dada da-da-daa of Pappu, some 'maza hi maza re maza hi maza re simba ve' is the Rehman's signature here.

Prasoon Joshi has tried to make the normal lyrics interesting with his PJ's (PJ = Prasoon Joshi). Remember Zinda-bad-Zinda-good in Be-a-Rebel? It's almost the same feeling when one listens to 'masti mein bee - wo hai, Jeene mein Jee/G - wo hai, Seene mein See/C - wo hai, dhak dhak dhak dhak har dhadkan mein wo'. Though it doesn't add much to the song, it generates interest in the lyrics as the listener tries to understand the unusual lyrics.

Whatever, one thing that is sure is that the song is really 'catchy' and is going to rule music charts very soon, especially the FM listeners will feel the presence of the song very soon. Get ready to go lattu.

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