Thursday, November 27, 2008

Song by Song: music review, Behka (Ghajini)

If you think Udit Narayan is the best suited voice for Aamir Khan, think again. After listening to Behka of Ghajini. Karthik sounds almost Aamir Khan in the song and if you don't know who is the singer, you can for once think it's Aamir himself.

As far as type of the song is concerned, it's difficult to put the song in a category other than only-Rehman-can-do-it songs. Though the song reminds me of Rangeela, especially Yaaron sun lo zara, but still, it's exactly not a 'tapori' song but to some extent a love song, at least on the basis of lyrics.

Karthik does complete justice to Rehman's music and chorus adds a lot to the song. The song has its high notes and in the second half, Karthik does a mini-breathless too, but the song still seems to be going at a fixed speed as it remains at the same level most of the time.

In short, I feel the song is a bit experimental, a lot new, quite good and may even be a hit. Try to get 'Behka'. Hope you like it too.

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