Friday, December 12, 2008

Song by Song: Aye Bachchu (Ghajini)

AR Rehman is not good just because he makes great music. He is great because he knows the who-why-how and everything of the music he makes. That's the reason you find so many new singers singing songs which feel like made for them. Aye Bachchu is one such song.

Aye Bachchu, a playful western style song that is picturised the only way it could be, as a solo dance (with background people dancing of course) is something you might love very soon. The song is quite fast paced and has numerous intruments backing the voice of Suzanne D'Mello, better known as Suzie Q.

The song's main feature is not just the music of Rehman but also the voice of Suzanne, who has sung the song really well as her voice modulates freely between the lower and higher notes of the song. Also, there are some variations added in the same lines when they come in the start and the end which add to variety in the song. Lines 'Mastiyon ki Kashti Kholo, Kinaron ko Bye Bye bolo, aao na hawaon sang dolo..' are well-written (courtesy Prasoon Joshi) and well-sung pieces which surely attract the listener's attention.

Rehman has tried to give a lot in the less than 4 minutes' song and I hope it will not only be liked by the people but also give a better identity to Suzanne D'Mello who has been mostly singing song with others yet.

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