Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pop Up: Rain bhai Kaari (Humsafar)

KK proved himself with his debut album Pal. He has also been consistently getting good songs since then, and has a huge number of hits to his credit now. In such a scenario, the guy can surely do some experimenting with his private album. So he does it, and some results, though not popular, are very good.

Rain Bhai Kaari Kaari, Din Ujiyaara,
Naiyya to dekhe nadiya ki dhaara,
Haath tore maajhi, zindagi ki nayya...

These lines don't match very much, not at least with the hits of KK like Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai, tu hi meri shab hai, or Zara sa, but then, KK is well known for his versatality.

Rain Bhai Kaari Kaari starts with KK rendering the above lines slowly, without music, slowly catching speed in further lines. And then, chorus and more music follow as the song turns into something rock-ish, only to come back to slow-motion for two lines and go high again. This keeps on going, making a great song (at least I felt so) and proving yet another aspect of KK, as a music composer.

Towards the end, KK again finds himself ending in a rock-ish mode and then comes back to the first lines and the same slow mode.

Overall, the songs has a lot of fluctuations between super-slows and highs which was quite unique in itself. I have always liked the song and if you like experiments with music, I guess you may also like it.

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