Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Song by Song: Chak Lein De (CC2C)

Kailash Kher is not a singer of just slow or Sufi songs. He can do much more when given a chance. In Chak Lein De, Kailash goes fast this time as he sings his own composition.

Chak Lein De is a typical 'Veer Ras' song that goes all the way saying 'hai nahi teer-talwaar, nahi goli, tu khud hai teri fauj tu hi toli', 'teri gurrahat singh ki dahar hai' and 'dikha jalwa' mode. The song has quite fast music right from the start and goes all the way through the song with the same speed, so being a bit monotonous too.

Towards the end of the song there are just the one line 'aaj phatte chak lein de' repeated again and again which makes quite sure that the song is going to be played in the background with some action scene or something like that. Though it was already quite clear with the lyrics of the song.

Overall, Chak lein de is a good song and most probably will be liked by people in short term though I doubt if it will work in the long term even with Kailash Kher. Hip hop lovers may like the song, but the real outcome will be seen once the video/movie is out.

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