Thursday, December 25, 2008

Song by Song: O Jaana (Raaz - The mystery continues)

He sings. You see the song on TV. You think it's OK. You listen to it again. You find it good. You listen to it again. You love it. You listen to it, and keep on listening.

It's the same process that takes place with every song sung by KK, picturised on Emraan Hashmi, be it Gangster, Jannat, or the new Raaz.

O jaana is a song of the same category. You'll find it good when you listen to it for the first time. And as you listen to it again and again, you'll be liking the song more and more. O jaana, a composition of Raju Singh, belongs to the same genre as Mere Falak ka Tu Hi Sitara (Showbiz). The music is absolutely wonderful and KK is again in his typical style. The song is basically a love song but the music of the song dominates the lyrics.

There is also a remix of the song with some added vocals which don't add up much to the song. Probably because there is not much scope of additions to the original version. Just that the speed increases, but then, this version might be popular on dance floors.

In short, O jaana is a lovable, fast song which is almost all set to be a hit. Just grab it.

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