Thursday, January 15, 2009

Musical notes: Delhi 6

It's never been easy to review a Rehman album. And that was the reason i started the concept of reviewing one song at a time. Really, behka and kaise mujhe tum mil gayi were worth it when i heard ghajini. And this time rehman comes up with Delhi 6. Something that again proves that Rehman is not a believer of instant music. Give music your time, and you'll love it.

It's been just two days to the release of Delhi 6 and after hearing to the tracks for hardly twice, i don't think i can do much justice to Rehman's soundtrack. Still, here are a few musical notes on the album.

Ten songs and twenty-two singers. This was the first thing i had noticed on the album's cover. It was good to know that after a long time Rehman comes with a long soundtrack of ten songs, that too with no instrumentals (and of course no remixes). The second thing worth a notice was the range of singers. First of all, i searched for Rehman's own name which i found at the end of the soundtrack. Phew! This is what i always look forward to. One song sung by Rehman himself. The most disappointing part of Ghajini soundtrack for me was that there was no Rehman in singers. Besides, Rehman brings in people like Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, probably for the first time in the industry, at least since the time i've been watching it. Big deal, of course. Mohit chauhan's presence was already known but i was looking forward to a complete masakalli. The wait is finally over. But the most interesting thing of all was the name of Rekha Bharadwaj, that too on two songs. Rekha, the wife of Vishal Bharadwaj, sings really well (i still remember sunidhi craving for lakkad from omkara) but she sings so few songs that i never thought she'd be singing for anybody other than Vishal. But here, Rekha gets a fair deal with Rehman as she gets definitely one of the best songs of the album as 'Genda phool'. Another thing in the album very much worth looking for is Arziyaan by Javed Ali (Rehman's favorite now) and Kailash Kher.

Rest will be following soon but one thing i can assure u of is that u can buy this album without thinking twice. You won't be disappointed.

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