Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ek Hulchul si (Dev D)

Ek Hulchul si is not exactly rock. But it does rock. It reminds me somewhat of Phas Gaya of aamir but it's quite different. Still, Ek hulchul si somehow defines a new brand of Amit Trivedi. Though something close to this has been tried by Shankar Ehsaan Loy in Johnny Gaddar n all, Amit Trivedi goes deep down and puts his experiments out to the world. And the results are things like Emosanal Attyachar and Ek halchal si.

As Joi Barua starts singing amid the all new music, the song sounds good to ears and the voice soothing, which later on goes to higher notes equally well. In short, the new voice of Joi Barua is wonderful.

I undoubtedly loved the music, but interestingly I'm quite fascinated by the lyrics too, which are quite simple, but different.

Dhadkan maheen dil mein jagati, ek hulchul si-2
Kohra hata ke sooraj jalati, ek hulchul si-2
(ek hulchul si)-6
Zinda hai ek hulchul si.

Had nazar ki, jahan talak hai
Ek bharam hai, wo jo dhanak hai
sach hai sach hai sach hai...

ku koo koo koo
ku koo koo koo

Jeene ki ek talab phir jagaye, (ek hulchul si)-2
Bujhti si saanso ko kash banaye, (ek hulchul si)-2
(ek hulchul si)-6
Zinda hai ek hulchul si..
Mehsoos kar le, ya dil ye pal.
Saanso se chhoo le, lamha ye bekal,
Bekal Bekal Bekal..

o ho ho ho ho ho
a ha ha ha ha ha

Kar le kar le ab kuch aisa kar le, kar le, kar le
Tu aaj an-gin roshan kirano se tan man, bhar le, bhar le
Macha le, jala le, dil mein...

o ho ho ho ho ho
a ha ha ha ha ha

Had nazar ki, jahan talak hai
Ek bharam hai, wo jo dhanak hai
sach hai sach hai sach hai!

If you're a kadardaan of non-traditional music, I hope you'll love the song.

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  • Anonymous said...

    My fav. new song 2

  • Pritam said...

    Amazing song, lyrics, music, singing everythin just perfect

  • kcode said...

    Enjoyed the lyrics. Reached here from google.

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  • Nipun said...

    Really nice song...somehow very inspiring

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  • Anonymous said...

    One of my favorite songs.. it stood the test of time, its been on my playlist for long enough to achieve that coveted position of a 'classic'. It somehow manages to motivate me!

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