Monday, January 12, 2009

Jai Ho

I actually didn't know that the Golden Globe Award A R Rehman won was not for the entire movie but one specific song until I decided to read full story as I wanted to write something like 'Slumdog Millionaire isn't the best creation of Rehman and only a few songs could be described as great, Jai ho probably the best of them' but before I would do the mistake, I fortunately got the detail.

Jai Ho is actually one of the best creations of Rehman, even though one surely cannot say that it's better than all other songs created by him. The song is sung by Sukhwinder Singh and is full of energy like all songs of Sukhwinder, something that Golden Globe people won't know, so A Big Thanks to You Sukhwinder, for a voice so strong that almost never fails to penetrate through the walls of our hearts. Chak De!

Besides the energy packed music and lyrics, the song also has some 'background' music, a typical of A R Rehman. The background vocals, including numerous 'Jai ho' sounds are mainly sung by Rehman himself. The main female voice in the song is Mahalaxmi Iyer. Besides Hindi, the song has lyrics in Spanish too, sung beautifully (being a love language, Spanish has to be sung beautifully) by Tanvi Shah, of course an Indian, and a resident of Chennai. :)

Gulzar's lyrics are wonderful, (not as always now, as now he sometimes writes things purely with market on his mind) though I don't know who has written the Spanish part, because as far as I know Gulzar doesn't write Spanish. :)

For lyrics, you can go to inkspillz, where I got the Spanish lyrics for myself. Don't read the English translation there, as it might make you realize that Gulzar won't get a Golden Globe ever, poetry cannot be translated.

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