Saturday, January 10, 2009

Song by Song: Kise Awaz Doon (Jugaad)

He's a singer from Pakistan. He sounds like Atif. And he sings beautifully. Finally, after his album Koi Chehra, Adeel gets to sing in Bollywood with Jugaad.

Kise Awaz doon comes up as a bonus track or a collaboration between Sachin Gupta, the composer for Jugaad and Adeel, as it's a good thing for both, the singer and the movie. Sachin Gupta had composed this fairly good song for Adeel's album Koi Chehra but the song and even the album were hardly noticed. So now the song has been put in the movie so that the movie gets a good song added to its soundtrack and the singer gets himself noticed.

Kise Awaz doon is a light song which starts well and Adeel's voice seems noticeable from the very first line. Though the singer sounds a bit Atif-ish and one may expect the song to go high in the same way as Atif's songs go, the song goes on low notes only and still sounds quite good. Another positive point of the song is lyrics, which are written by Adeel himself and the make the song worth listening.

Overall, the song is an above average one and one may like it well while in a light mood.

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