Thursday, January 8, 2009

Song by Song: Tu Hai Rab Mera (Jugaad)

When I read the title Tu hai Rab Mera, my first thought was of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, but as soon as I listened to the song, I was sure that this was not any cheap attempt to cash the popularity of the movie but a genuinely good song.

With the music of Jugaad, young composer Sachin Gupta proves that he has something in him as he comes up with quite good music soon after his Bollywood debut, Dil Kabaddi.

The song Tu hai rab mera is a Sufi style song sung by Krishna with mostly Punjabi lyrics and English background vocals. Krishna has recently started singing quite a number of songs solo and he's doing simply great. 'Tu hi Rab Mera' is one more in the list.

The music of the song has been experimented with in many areas, especially background vocals as they range from English ones in female voice to male-voiced dhoom-dana-dere-dana types to slow alaaps and more. One interesting thing with the song is the Dhoom-dana-dere-dana vocals of background which sound a lot like those in 'Yeh Hausla' from Dor.

Lyrics of Rohit Sharma are good. A small piece of the lyrics is here.

Tu hai rab mera rab jaanda hai
Mainu kaafir keh ke na sattaya kar
Mainu mod de paanve lakh vari
Mere ishq ka maan ta rakhya kar..

In short, the song is good and at least worth a try if you like Sufi style Bollywood singing. I hope you like it.

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