Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Song by Song: Marjaani (Billu Barber)

Pritam is Back. It was the first song of Billu Barber and I was listening to it for the very first time and still I could visualize the song being played on a DJ and people dancing to the tunes of Pritam once again.

Probably it's for the first time that Sukhwinder Singh is singing a Pritam's composition and the result is undoubtedly an INSTANT HIT. While Sukhwinder Singh singing for Shahrukh Khan has become a very common thing, Sukhwinder-Pritam and Shahrukh-Pritam are both quite rare combinations. In fact it's for the first time that Shahrukh Khan will be seen dancing on a song composed by Pritam and surely Pritam has given one of his best dance tracks here.

As it must have been clear by now, the song I'm talking about, 'MarJaani' is a fast dance track which comes with Pritam's trademark. The song has a few Punjabi words and some very desi lyrics like 'sochta rehta haiga' and 'sab kehte hainge'. The female voice is Sunidhi Chauhan's and she has once again been wonderful.

The song has two remix versions. One is an electro mix for which there was not a lot of scope but still there is some good mixing and the result is not bad.

The other, Kilogram Balkan mix is not actually a remix but the song sung again completely, this time by KK and Akruti Kakkar. My guess is that this song indicates Pritam's original choice of singers while Sukhwinder could have been brought in because of Shahrukh Khan as he has sung quite a number of songs in past some time, most of them hit.

This version, though sounding very good, doesn't challenge the original version of Sukhwinder/Sunidhi and will probably not be heard as much.

In any case, Marjaani is all set to blaze the dance floors. Listen, and start dancing.

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