Monday, January 5, 2009

Song by Song: Man Baawra (Aasma)

During the past few days, I saw the trailers of a movie called 'Aasma' with the second 'a' hanging upside down. I found the promo track OKAY, so I decided to listen to the soundtrack, and here comes the surprise! The movie has a great track sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, called 'Man Baawra Tujhe Dhoondhta'.

Even with all new music directors and a lyricist whose name I saw for the first time, the track is worth listening and I loved it right from the first line. Probably that is the magic of Rahat, but the composer, Afsar/Sajid and lyricist, Shaab Allahabadi, both deserve their credit for the surprisingly good song.

The sogn starts with light background Alaaps while Rahat joins in the alaap and the background voices fade, only to come to his typical style of singing. 'Man baawra' is a song with comparatively lighter music and belongs more to the genre of 'Mann ki Lagan' or 'Main Jahan Rahoon' than that of 'Teri Ore'.

The song has a Lounge version also but it has hardly anything to the version except for experimenting, most of which fails and adds nothing to the original song to say the least.

Still, the original song is an original work and worth a praise. Listen to the track, hope you will like it too. Highly recommended one. (-:-)

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