Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aasma Odh kar (13B)

Shankar Ehsaan Loy as composers. And Shankar himself singing with Chitra. What can one expect from such a combination except a beautiful melody. And Aasma odhkar is just the same, with a lot of instruments playing in the background though.

I can't exactly find the genre of the song, but it's something like Tere Naina which is fast and still melodius. Also, the music reminds me somehow of Roja, probably because of the jingling instruments used, as there is nothing to suggest that any music or style is copied.

I don't remember Shankar singing along with Chitra for a Hindi movie before this. The experience is surely great as both the singers are almost at their best which is something not very common, especially nowadays.

Lyrics of Neelesh Misra are good. If you get past the skies, stars and clouds, you even find the meaning and it sounds pretty romantic. Though the song is so fast that in the first time, you won't find time to search for the meaning.

Technically speaking, there was one thing I found wrong with the song. Instead of Orh kar, both Shankar and Chitra pronounce the word as Odh kar, that is, if you can understand, as it's not possible to clear this in Roman script. In fact, once or twice Chitra sounds almost a foreigner for a moment as she makes 'Audh kar' of the Orh kar or odh kar.

Overall, the song is almost back to '90s for a lot of it. And that too the way A R Rahman used to compose in those days. Still, those songs are loved by all even now, and I guess this one will be liked, too.

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